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    Blunders in Ghana Music Awards 2012 nominees list

    by Naa Listowel
    posted Sunday, 04 March 2012 13:14| 3 Comments

    Here's all you need to know about the nominations for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards which was announced last week Wednesday on Ghone Television in Accra. There's definitely something wrong with this year's list of nominees and I am pin pointing them out.

    With the field of nominees set, I've decided to take a look at some of this year's biggest shocks and snubs. What can I say? A few industry people I spoke to confirmed there are so many errors with the list but they have complained over the years and nothing has been done about it. So they would rather be quiet about this years list of nominees.

    I was surprised that a group like Cash Unit, whose 2010 album spawned the hit single, 'Ayoo' featuring Castro was clearly snubbed. They were not included in any of the hiplife categories.

    Ghanaian music fans criticised the GMA Awards nomination list via Twitter and Facebook when it was released; the rant was basically about Cash Unit's song 'Ayoo' which did not make it.

    Let me back up. To be eligible to gain a nomination, here’s what you have to have: an artiste work (single, album, and video) has to be submitted between December 2010 and November 2011. But D-Cryme announced his presence on the scene years back. The same applies to Zigi and Stay Jay. Who we clearly know have been on the scene for some years now. What happened to new artistes like Kaakie, Yaw Siki, Gasmilla? These are all new artistes who are doing well.

    Another big omission was 'Yenko Nkoaa' by Eduwoji who was not placed in the 'Most Popular Of The Year'. This song ruled 2010 and eventually pushed some songs out of the industry to reign. If it was able to qualify for ''Best Collaboration of the Year' and 'Hiplife Song of the Year', then why not 'Most Popular of the Year'. It's funny that he could'nt make it into the 'New Artiste of the Year category' when he was all over.

    I'm also amazed that another song the VGMA board failed to recognise was Tiffany's 'Last One' featuring Castro. This was another azonto banger which did well and deserved to be in the list but I guess the board don’t share our sentiments.

    When it comes to R2Bees, we will never understand the board. I say this because, from what I understand, it's a song that qualifies an artiste or group to enter into the nomination list. So if they claim they have disqualified their song, 'Aijee', then they shouldn't be in any category. If they have allowed 'Yenko Nkoaa by Eduwoji then they should allow R2Bees. 'Aijee' was disqualified because it was profane, the same applies to 'Yenko Nkoaa'.

    Another artiste that should have been in the 'Artiste of the Year' category was Amakye Dede, the highest paid musician in Ghana now. What happened to him too?

    During the press briefing that announced Vodafone as the new title sponsor of GMA, the organisers said that the board was going to transform and change but it looks like Amandzeba Nat Brew, Abraham Ohene Djan, Fredyma and other's are still part. I wonder how many songs Amandzeba listens to on radio or if he even knows new artistes such as Kaakie, Cash Unit and more who are rocking the airwaves and headlining stages.

    It still looks like Ghana Music Awards is still centered in Accra, there are equally good songs in other regions that are hits on radio stations that don’t cross to Accra as the same applies to some songs in Accra which cross over to other towns

    I don’t think they are recharged and doing this for the love of music.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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