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    How Wanlov showed his manhood on TV

    by Francis Doku, Graphic Showbiz
    posted Friday, 16 March 2012 19:35| 0 Comments

    Delay, the very popular personality interview talk show on the nation’s leading television network TV3 has been put on hold. The news is already out there on the events that led to the suspension of the programme last Monday by the management of the station.

    From the evening of Saturday through Sunday to Monday many Ghanaians on social media particularly, raised a lot of concern over a video and pictures that were going round that suggested that Ghanaian musician, Wanlov The Kubolor showed his private parts on the programme.

    The show is independently produced by Excellencia Ghana Limited and presented by its CEO, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay.

    Last Saturday, Delay wanted to know if the dreadlocked and barefooted Wanlov  known for his non-conformist style and rumoured to go about without underwear was indeed pantless.

    The video loaded on Youtube and circulated on the Internet saw the host asking the rapper if he wore underwear and the latter said he did not. The host then asked him if he could give her an evidence.

    He then raised the skirt to show the host and audience his manhood.

    While some called for the National Media Commission to investigate the matter and give appropriate punishment if indeed Wanlov  really bared it all to a national audience, others called for the station to ban the show.

    By the evening of the Monday, TV3 had issued a statement signed by its CEO, Santokh Singh Ram Singh that it had suspended the programme and apologised to viewers because the programme “regrettably did not conform to the station’s content policies and procedures.”

    According to the statement, the copy of the show that went on air was edited. However, the station acknowledged that it erred in allowing the programme to go on air regardless of the editing.

    “Unedited version of similar video has been circulated over the internet attributing the indecent exposure of the guest to our network. Although the two videos are slightly different TV3 acknowledges that it erred in allowing the video on our network and do apologise to our numerous viewers for the embarrassment.”

    Before the TV3 statement, Execellencia Ghana Limited had issued a statement through its CEO calling on the media to give a fair reportage of the incident as the report that Wanlov’s manhood was shown on TV was not true.

    “Excellencia Ghana Limited would want to put on record that though Wanlov truly showed his nakedness during the recording of the Delay show, the video tape that was submitted to TV3 for airing was censored with the nakedness of the musician completely blurred,” the statement read in part.

    Meanwhile, TV3 has told Showbiz that Delay is off the channel only for a while and it will be back on air soon. In an interview with Ato Sarpong, Operations Manager of the station last Tuesday, he said the programme was only off air for repackaging and will be back.

    He said the notion that the show was suspended was not wholly true but that it was temporarily taken off air to review how the interview is conducted and then repackage it for it to come back on air. He said he was certain the programme will be back on air within two weeks.

    Since the show last Saturday, many people on Twitter and Facebook have expressed support or disdain at such at act by the presenter, the guest and the station.  The man in question Wanlov himself has been explaining that he saw nothing wrong with what he did both on radio interviews and on Twitter.

    He also came to the defence of Delay when he tweeted that TV3 should be blamed and not the presenter since the show was pre-recorded and they could decide not to air it.

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