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    Are gospel musicians true christians?

    by George Clifford Owusu, Daily Guide
    posted Thursday, 18 December 2008 15:47| 0 Comments

    Photo: Ghana Music.comRumours making the rounds in gospel music circles have it that a number of gospel musicians are not true Christians although they sing to promote the work of Jesus Christ.

    Beatwaves found out that a section of gospel musicians, who are supposed to be role models to many have allowed themselves to be used as agents by the devil, thus selling their souls to the devil in the end.

    How some of the gospel musicians carry themselves about, as per their way of dressing and utterances, clearly indicates that they are into gospel music for monetary gains.

    A music producer, Nana Kwasi Tanoh stated that majority of Ghanaian musicians were into gospel music because they felt it was the easiest way to make money; instead of using it to spread the word of God.

    He stated that in Ghana today we have gospel musicians who are being used by God but only a handful are committed Christians.

    He pointed out that there were many false gospel musicians, who could be identified through their luxurious lifestyle.

    A couple of months ago a musician claimed he went to a spiritualist in Accra upon advice from a friend, to have the spiritualist pray over his music before coming out with it.

    According to him, when he entered the room the spiritualist showed him the CDs of some musicians which had visited him. This deepened speculations that certain gospel musicians do visit occultists to pray over their musical works before releasing them for public consumption.

    Recently during a live gospel musical concert in Kumasi, two gospel musicians were at each other’s throat, fighting over who should perform first on stage, in the full glare of music fans at the event.

    Many music lovers Beatwaves spoke to insisted that some gospel musicians do visit spiritualists to pray over their musical works before going public with them.

    A man of God, William Nana Osei who spoke to Beatwaves said there was no need belabouring this point, stressing that Satan was after all in control of music in heaven, and still has the power to appear like an angel of light.

    Reacting to speculations that certain musicians visit occultists to help them sell their works, he insisted that not only gospel musicians visit spiritualists and that a section of secular musicians also do.

    Another man of God, Pastor Peter Kayode, in a chat with Beatwaves, advised gospel musicians to associate themselves with God only if they want to be successful in their musical career.

    He also warned them to desist from seeking assistance from occultists or fetish priests, to pave way for God’s blessing in their activities.

    He charged gospel musicians in the country to live up to expectation since most songs nowadays had no spiritual impact on the people.



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