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    Okomfo Kwaadee has he gone 'mad' again

    by Flex Newspaper
    posted Tuesday, 12 June 2012 03:17| 1 Comments

    In recent times, there has been news or better expressed, allegations again to the effect that Kumasi -based Hiplife artiste and one time super star Okomfo Kwadee, known in private life as Jerry Anaba has been battling with mental illness as a result of drug abuse or has gone “mad”; a reason for his inability to be in control and manage his music career as well as his inability to be active on the music scene.

    Rumours also have it that Kwadee may have been confined to a mental hospital or undergoing mental treatment.

    In as much as associates close to Kwadee would be quick to debunk such allegations, one thing that cannot be doubted is the fact that Kwadee has been battling with drug abuse for more than 6 years now and was even admitted at a psychiatric hospital in Accra some years back; a fact honest entertainment gurus and players in this country would find difficult to dispute.

    His alleged mental illness got him off the music scene for quite a long time but then he bounced back onto the scene with a track titled “Afei koraa na Mabodam “ (am now getting mad) to debunk the allegation .

    This was a good way of re-marketing the artiste. He even put up a show at the National theatre in Accra which saw him share the same stage with hip life and highlife artistes all over Ghana all in an attempt to really prove that he was mentally sound and had never been sick mentally. Sadly enough, not too long afterwards, he again went off the scene and has not made a return ever since.

    However, a reliable source close to FLEX Newspaper, name withheld, can confidently confirm that ,the rumours that erupted and the various stories that broke out about Kwadee's drug abuse issue  and apparently getting  mentally ill some years back was very true.

    When the story broke out and associates close to Okomfo Kwadee were denying the story on radio and on television, our reliable source who at that time was associated with the Accra Psychiatric Hospital in a way and had also been active on radio as a presenter  for about four years, was pleaded to by one Khan, a gentleman who was either part of Kwadee's team or very close to Kwadee's Management not to publicize Kwadee's mental illness or apparent ''madness” as it would destroy his (Kwadee`s) musical career.
    Khan had earlier on given our reliable source a copy of Kwadee's album at that time to promote on radio.

    According to the reliable source, Kwadee was admitted at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital and was diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and other mental disorders like psychosis which was so much affecting his life on and off the musical stage.

    Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental illness which is characterized by thought, behavior and social problems. The thought problems associated with schizophrenia called psychosis results in the patient having his thinking pattern completely out of touch with reality.

    The patient may hear voices or see people who are in no way existing and may experience disorganized speech and behavior and paranoia, in that the patient thinks others are plotting evil against him when they are not.

    Okomfo Kwadee, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, experienced all these symptoms which necessitated his admission to the mental hospital. He was admitted at the B.H.C ward of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, which happened to be one of the cleanest wards of the hospital unlike the other wards as a result of his fame, popularity and status.

    At a time he was still undergoing treatment, Okomfo Kwadee would frequently run out of the hospital to engage in drug abuse. He even had all his dreadlocks (Rasta) shaved off in accordance with the hospital's laws. Our reliable source speaking on authority can confirm that all details given in this story are all true as a result of the fact that he had access to details contained in Kwadee's medical folder on daily basis as a result of his association with the Accra Psychiatric Hospital at that time.

    Kwadee was once visited by our reliable source by his bed side but Kwadee could not make him up. See what drug abuse can do. As to where Okomfo Kwadee is and what his condition may be, let's just keep our fingers crossed.

    Perhaps he would come out with another track titled “na mey3 bodamfour” (I used to be a mad man), this time around coming out to tell all Ghanaians the whole truth and nothing but the truth about his mental illness.

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