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    Gays & lesbians to take over the music industry

    by Flex Newspaper
    posted Wednesday, 06 June 2012 03:54| 0 Comments

    Just like radio, television, print-media and the internet, music serves as another medium to inform, educate, entertain and address societal issues ranging from the politician who oppresses the poor to the pastor who uses the bible to steal in the name of Lord from its congregation.

    Globally, music has motivated and uplifted the downhearted, used in the treatments of physical and psychiatric problems, enabled the relaxation of a person by slowing their breathing and heartbeat( in the field of medicine), helped children with mathematical disabilities(in the field of education) etc.

    As per the role of any career or profession that one finds himself/herself in, musicians also portray important roles in the moral upbringing of the youth and its unborn generation through their music as it has become one of the quickest and easiest ways of communication which is evident through the lyrics of the songs of most musicians of different genres

    Music, which initially started only as a source of entertainment in its early stages has migrated into a business entity providing a source of employment for those who take it up as a profession or a career and helping reduce unemployment rates. Unfortunately, there is a looming danger which is gradually emerging in this industry.

    With the vast transformation that music has evolved addressing societal issues such as crime, adultery, rape, drugs and the worst of them being homosexuality and lesbianism, it becomes surprising why the music industry is gradually getting controlled by gays and lesbians. Biblically, God in His wisdom created a violence –free world and everything there is in it. With this same wisdom, he created man and woman and decided to call them Adam and Eve and not “Adam and Steve”. Scientifically, it is proven that a man and woman should bring forth their offsprings, which normally makes logic.

    Now, it has become astonishing for certain musicians whose message in their music contribute immensely to the positive building of the society, avoid producing songs which address issues associated with gays and lesbians for fear of not having the opportunity to be booked to perform on shows organized by gays and lesbians(who in this case hide their identity). In countries such as the united states, Germany, Holland, Denmark etc where these activities are on the rise as these sect of people with a choice of sexual preference are bigger stakeholders in the industry who serve as event organizers, managers, producers, marketers etc.

    If financial gains become the main priority of musicians without valuing societal values and norms, then I believe the industry is gradually moving towards a future and a generation where homosexuals and lesbians will have absolute control over the music industry to the detriment of what guides and binds us as a nation with higher respect for traditional values.

    Since these gays and lesbians find lyrics of songs condemning their acts, cut them like razor, their modus operandi to promote or keep their activity in existence is to cease the functioning of the medium that refuses to help promote their acts or talk against their practices and seeing music as one of the medium through which they can use in achieving results, they invest so much resources into it to achieve their goals.

    It is therefore not surprising to see Beenie Man officially apologize to the gay community for a song he did in the early stages of his career talking against gays in order to have him perform in their countries after being banned for several years as he was quoted saying"Let me make this clear and straight. I have nothing against no one”.

    “I respect each and every human being, regardless of which race or creed, regardless of which religious belief you believe in, and regardless of which sexual preference you are, including gay and lesbian people." "I love each and every one and am just begging each and everyone to do the same...do not fight against me for a song that I sang 20 years ago...I was a kid. Now I know that people live in the world that live their life differently than the way I live my life. Just love the music and respect the music."

    Although the likes of Blakk Rasta, Iwan, Bandana and a couple of artistes are doing the little they can to help stop this lesbian and gay menace through their songs, it will be appropriate if majority of these musicians join forces to help eradicate these people from the industry to help respect and protect the integrity, custom and traditions of our forefathers.

    To those human rights or “human lefts” who are in support of the activities of gays and lesbians, just think twice in your decisions before fighting for these people.

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