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    Blakk Rasta: Barack Obama song is pro-Obama

    by J. D. Gladden
    posted Monday, 27 July 2009 10:02| 0 Comments

    There have been serious heated arguments around the globe as to whether the Barack song by Blakk Rasta recently endorsed by Barack Obama, when he visited Ghana, is pro-Obama or anti-Obama. This is why it has become necessary to explain exactly what the lyrics of the song mean.

    Barack Obama by Blakk Rasta is written is a Shakespearean literature style full of synecdoches and satires. Watch Barack Obama by Blakk Rasta feat. Nii Lante

    The song starts with an intro:

    “Yao! Rasta, unu hear sey some Blackman sey I’m waan turn American President?

    Dem tink sey dem a go sit dung and skin dem teet an’ watch im….” [Laugh]

    This translated into English simply says: “Hei! Rasta, have you heard about the Blackman who wants to be American president?

    Do they (so-called true Americans) think
    They will just sit down and smile
    And urge him on?”

    This is a satire which predicated a big fight against Barack’s candidacy by the so-called true Americans who later called him “Halfrican African” during the campaign, refusing to call him “African American” making him totalling African and denying him as an American.

    The chorus simply urges head of families (papa and mama) to come together and talk about Barack Obama as originally from Kenya, Africa and adopted as an American in the cold woodlands contrasting the head (sun) of Africa with the cold (snow) of America.

    In Africa, children are mostly patrilineal, that is why we see Obama as African but adopted as American.

    He defies every obstruction and becomes the first of his kind in American politics – senator, law student in a white-dominated college.

    The issue of abortion and homosexuality are generally frowned upon in Africa. In Ghana, these are both criminal by our laws. The song frowns on America’s legalisation of these two phenomena – unnecessary abortion and homosexuality. It does not condemn Barack for this since abortion was long legalised in America before Barack’s presidency (Rhoe V Wayen (1972).

    Barack neither legalised homosexuality. He was only following his liberalist party.

    The song calls on judgement upon America for this including bombing of innocent people around the world (Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait etc.) and still calling for God’s blessing on America.

    Blakk Rasta also encourages Obama not to expend his politricks money in campaigning but to bring it to Africa and curb the poverty since he was already a president even without campaigning.

    Blakk Rasta sees ‘a black American president as a great sign’ and encourages Barack to intensify his ‘power turbine’ so that his enemies will never be able to let his ‘dark days never sublime.’

    He sees Barack’s presidency as a good sign and as a saviour from the doomed America under George Bush Snr. and Jnr. and the rest. The song also sees most of the smiles around Obama as fake and warns him to read between the lines, flee from wolves in sheep skin. Did we not see such people during the campaign?

    ‘Barack Obama’ by Blakk Rasta warns that Barack Obama will soon be changed to Barack Osama by these enemies of progress and it happened.

    Remember the cartoon of Obama and his wife with the AK47 and the Osama picture on the wall?

    Blakk Rasta was the first to do a song for Obama (Dec 2007). He has since that song being on BBC and other networks such as VOA, Aljazeera, CNN to support Obama candidacy. He made T-shirts, bags and other paraphernalia for Obama’s campaign in 2008. He is regarded as the number one supporter of Barack Obama would over the world over.

    No wonder Obama called him ‘a true son of Africa’ and endorsed the song. Blakk Ras is not a hater of gays but dislikes the act and discourages people from indulging in it (remember it is criminal in Ghana and religiously unaccepted by Islam, African Traditional Religion, Christianity, the biggest religion in Africa). Does this make him homophobic?

    Barack Obama by Blakk Rasta topped the charts in several African countries and known all over the world.

    It is a seriously pro-Obama song. Watch out for early interviews on this issue with J. D. Gladden on Youtube.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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