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    Can Obaapa Christie survive without Pastor Love

    by flexghana.com
    posted Saturday, 24 November 2012 20:50| 0 Comments

    “Chale, this Obaapa Christie woman, do you think she can produce good songs again now that she is divorced with Pastor Love. She will suffer o.’’

    The above is excerpted from a conversation I eavesdropped from two gentlemen I presume are fans of entertainment and music for that matter, few days ago. This reignited my thoughts on how Christie is going to fare without Pastor Love.

    Until few years ago, Obaapa Christie who was widely known as Christiana Love was married to a pastor who was very instrumental in her music business. Pastor Love, I learnt, wrote most, if not all of the songs recorded by Christie.

    In the music making process, one stage that is very important is the lyrical composition, unless you want to do an instrumental piece or maybe jazz music. If you really want to sing with words in a piece of music, you need to get a message. The message must be coherently arranged so it will make sense. Song writing is a quite technical and not all singers have that talent.

    There are some people who are very gifted in writing lyrics for songs even though they can’t even sing. They write the lyrics for the singer to put to music. While some can do all these by themselves, others simply can’t.

    As to whether or not Obaapa Christie can write her own songs or have written her own songs before, is not really the big issue. What I care about is how well her lyrical content will be. Considering her new song and the quality of the lyrics, she needs to work so hard to maintain that standard. She either learns to write good lyrics or get songwriters to help her. I know O.J and a couple of other musicians write lyrics for musicians. She might want to consider that.

    Christie has a very good voice, has great stage presence which I trust most female gospel artistes copied somewhere in their career but she cannot do away with lyrics. The new song of hers I heard is a promising hit. I don’t know who wrote it but I think lyrically it could have been better 'lyrics-wise'. The fact that she is divorced with someone who provided good texts for her songs doesn't mean she should not do music again.

    She should realize the importance of lyrics in songs and strive towards sharpening her skills in that regard. It's only in Ghana that every musician wants to be a composer, singer, producer and everything. You may even buy songs from other people even though you can write your own lyrics. It brings about variety in style. I wish Obaapa Christie well and hopes she survives in the music industry without Pastor Love.

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