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    Which song will be the official Christmas song?

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum, flexghana.com
    posted Saturday, 22 December 2012 18:59| 0 Comments

    Right from the beginning of the year up to today, our artistes have churned out hits after hits and as such, they need to be commended. Writing a song is not a simple thing to do, how much more a hit. Interestingly enough, as the year draws to an end, our artistes have lifted up their games with respect to the hits they are releasing.

    Day in day out, a new song is released which seeks to rub shoulders with some hits which are already enjoying massive airplay. Take time to listen to any music programme on radio and you will find out how improved our music is becoming.

    Trying to mention all the current hits will be quite a laborious thing to do but to mention a few, we could have ‘’Lapaz Toyota’’ from Guru,’’Walai Talai” and “Emana’’ from Dobble as well as ‘’Ole s3k3 ni Oye’’ which they did with Dr.Slim, “Kolom’’ by Buk Bak, “Azonto Fiesta’’ by Sakordie, Asem’s ‘’bye bye’’, D- Black’s  “Vera’’, Keche’s  “Alunguitugui’’, Racquel’s  “Lovi Dovi’’, R2BEES ‘’Walai’’, “Odo’’ and ‘’Bayla’’,etc.

    It’s quite a normal phenomenon to have a particular song in a festive moment like Christmas, being the most played and enjoyed song. You can call it the official song for Christmas and you wouldn’t be far from right. With this year’s Christmas, one song would definitely stand out tall amongst the others.

    At most nightclubs, parties, drinking bars and other places where music cannot be done without, this particular song will be sought after like gold.

    My simple question which I need an answer for, is the song that would stand out as the official song for this year’s Christmas. We have so many hits but I sincerely believe that the official song for this year’s Christmas would either be ‘’Ole s3k3 ni oye’’ by Dobble and Dr.Slim or ‘’Walai’’ by R2BEES.

    These two songs are all over the place. Anywhere these songs are played, people really enjoy and can’t help themselves than to show some moves on the dancing floor.

    With just a few days to Christmas, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see what happens. Can P- Square’s  “Chop My Money’’ find its way to become the official song for Christmas?

    What about Jay Q’s Classic Compilation which he is about to release? Jay Q has noted that his Classic Compilation will be what will be needed for this Christmas. Shoud we hold him by his words? I rest my case.

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