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    Papa Sly goofs at Kwaw Kesse`s Show

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum, flexghana.com
    posted Saturday, 29 December 2012 18:38| 0 Comments

    The long awaited Kwaw Kesse’s ’'Abodam Christmas Eve Party’’ came off at the Trade Fair as planned with so many things to talk about.

    As should be expected, most of the time every show has an MC or the personality who is able to co-ordinate the appearances of artistes on stage. He determines at which time an artiste should appear or disappear from the stage as well as boosting the morale of artistes before they mount the stage to perform.

    For Kwaw Kesse’s Christmas Eve Party, the man in charge of this duty was Papa Sly. When it comes to the showbiz scene, Papa Sly isn’t a novice at all.

    He has been on radio for quite some time now and has also made appearances on television. He is one person who has information about our artistes at his fingertips and as such any mistake or misinformation on his part cannot be ignored.

    For most part of the show, Papa Sly was on point with his vocal dominance over the show as well as with his dance moves with some of the artistes especially FBS. However, I got taken aback with what Papa Sly said about T Blaze before T’Blaze mounted the stage to perform.

    We all know T’Blaze is one of the few young guys who started doing Hiplife in the late 1990's when it was created and christened by Reggie Rockstone. He was able to churn out hits ‘’Secretary’’,’’Feeling No Ye Deep’’ as well as ‘’Wosisi Ye Wo Ya’’.For so many years T’Blaze has been out of the music scene till recently when he made a comeback. As to whether his comeback has been successful or not, I would use a different opportunity to delve into that.

    For how long have we had Hiplife in Ghana? How old is T’Blaze and for how long has he been doing music? Even though I felt Papa Sly had information about our artistes and the showbiz scene in general, I was dumbfounded to hear Papa Sly say that T’Blaze started doing Hiplife in 1986. When did Reggie Rockstone, the grandpapa of Hiplife, bring forth the genre itself?

    In 1986, how old was T’Blaze? Even if it’s true that T’Blaze began his musical career in 1986. Assuming he was even 15years old then, does that mean that T’Blaze could be about 41 years old now? Hell no! In this instance, Papa Sly goofed terribly. He should get his facts right before opening his mouth next time.

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