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    Some female gospel musicians In Ghana exposed

    by Osarfo Anthony
    posted Saturday, 29 December 2012 19:30| 1 Comments

    Many have guessed, conjectured, wondered, marveled and even argued for reasons why female gospel musicians turn to marry pastors. Finally, some of the reasons have been angled from the horses own mouths. Flexghana.com found out from some female gospel musicians in Ghana regarding why they married pastors. Below are the results of our findings;


    (Laughed over the question for a moment). I must say I married him because I genuinely love him and not because he is a pastor or I am a singer. On how I met him, I once sung in his church of which he is the pastor or founder if I may put it. Seeing my talent, he approached me and congratulated me.

    After many months, we met again and this time round, he confessed his love for me.

    I stretched him small (laughed) by asking him to allow me seek the face of the lord. He came into the picture and today, here we are. In my final words, I wish to confess to Prophet Prince Elisha Osei, my lovely husband that, I love him “keke!” Odii Prince! Am yours forever ok…..?

    Flexghana.com says congratulations to Gifty Osei for deriving Christozonto out of Azonto.


    For me I married him and bore 5 children with him before coming into the limelight as a gospel musician. I don’t think our coming together is by chance. It is destined by God. This reason is for my case but generally there are other reasons why some female gospel musicians married pastors or would marry a pastor.

    First, marrying a pastor helps the ministerial works of the pastors because as a gospel musician, you automatically become the “Osofo Maame” of your husband’s church. Once you are a singer and the ministerial works requires music, it is your songs you will sing for praises and worship sessions.

    Secondly, some of the pastors are blessed with song writing or composition skills or talents so they can help you the female musician in composing your songs.

    Since they are soaked with the word of God, they make your songs richer and spiritually deep. In my case for instance, my husband sometimes writes my lyrics for me. My final words are that I thank God almighty, my fans, family, children and of all, my lovely husband, Rev. Daniel Ofori Borngreat. Honey! I love you “nea emuɔɔdzen!!!”

    Eiii Herty Borngreat the “yoyo” female gospel musician, 5 children…Hmmmmm, Flexghana.com says you like “it.”

    MAVIS (Formerly of Mentor fame)

    (Waited on the phone for a moment and then cut the line. After 30 times of refusing call, response) First, I did not marry him because I am a female gospel musician or he is a pastor. I married him because I love him. I believe we are destined to be. At the time I met him, I did not know he was even a pastor. We were together before I contested for the mentor reality show. He actually encouraged me. He also helped me to produce my first album. I see him as a husband, father and a spiritual guide. Finally I will say I love him with all my heart. “Abruku abruka” (full name Christopher Asante Mensah), me dɔ wo sԑ ԑtɔ!

    For some personal reasons best known and understood by them, two of Ghana’s most celebrated female gospel musicians we also spoke to, pleaded response on anonymity. Below is what they also said.

    “The wisest decision any female gospel musician can make for her career is to marry a pastor for a husband. It is wise in the sense that it will give the gospel musician a sound mind to concentrate on the ministerial works because our chosen profession is a whole ministry and not just sing to entertain. I am married to a pastor and I must say I did so because I knew he could help me propagate my message and after all this years, I have never looked back.”

    “I married a pastor because I see him as light as described by the bible. We met in the church. The bible admonishes believers not to yoke with unbelievers. If I had married a man in the secular world, I don’t think I would have come this far. I urge female gospel musicians to marry pastors.”

    Flexghana.com sampled opinions from a poll on the streets on the same topic; why female musicians marry pastors. Below are some of the differing views:

    Bridget Banini: “Pastors are now the rich people in the society. Church is now business so those female Gospel musicians marry the pastors to sponsor their music career.”

    Eugene Mensah: “The fact is that the pastors usually have affairs with those ladies even before they (females) become popular so the best those pastors can do as appreciation is to marry them.”

    Crazydon: “Some of the pastors also see those females as money making machines; especially if they see that you have future prospects. They therefore smartly marry them and start milking them when the money start coming.”

    Annette Obobie: “They marry the pastors for the fun of being called “Osofo Maame” so that they can raise their shoulders high above the rest of their colleague females in the church. No wonder their marriages collapse in no time.”

    LadyB: “I think premarital pregnancy is one of the reasons. I know of a female gospel musician in this country who got married and just after 6 months, she gave birth. It tells you she was pregnant before she got married. Pastors and gospel singers, they fornicate more than some of us.”

    Mohammed Inusah: “Some of the pastors give those females what they call “akwankyerԑ” (spiritual aiding rituals) to make those ladies popular hence, the two marry to seal their secrets from getting into the public domain.”

    Analyzing the responses from the female gospel musicians, they all made it appear as though God has in his plans that any female gospel musician is ordained to marry a pastor. However, the facts on the ground defeat this Godly preordination they claim. These female gospel musicians marry pastors and it’s either their marriages crash or dang over scandals. Do you remember the Christiana Love infidelity and pregnancy saga? The Florence Obinim hot fm crowbar prowess, baby crippling and loose vagina story?

    Again, analyzing their responses carefully, it looks clearer that they all met and fell in love with their respective husbands in the churches of which the latters were and still are the founders or general overseers. The nagging skepticism which kinked through my mind was if all they had revealed were the full truth. I therefore went further to ask each of them if they had premarital sex during their “mpena” days with their respective then boyfriends or fiancées who are now their husbands.

    Herty Borngreat: “You don’t expect me to answer that do you?”

    Gifty Osei: “Osarfo stop that, ask another question” (laughs)

    Mabel: “I am sorry Osarfo, I can’t answer that.”

    None of them could spit a common Yes or No for an answer. They all laughed slap happily and declined. Hmmmmm! Reader, what do you think? Do you think they “did it? Or waited on the lord because of their close religious attachments? Share your thoughts. Until then…..MOTWUM!!

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