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    Deborah Vanessa must shut up...She is talentless

    by Stacy A, ghanacelebrities.com (Readers Mail)
    posted Sunday, 27 January 2013 19:56| 0 Comments

    Dear Chris-Vincent, Kindly grant me the needed audience by publishing this piece for me since I believe a spade must be called a spade.

    First of all, when did Deborah Vanessa become a celebrity and what does she do? What is she good at to the extent that the media in Ghana, including your famous blog are given her attention and audience?

    There is a problem with us Ghanaians and until we check ourselves, our streets, class rooms, parliament and TV screens will be full of good for nothing individuals who do not even know how to talk in public. The problem we have in Ghana is the fact that we celebrate mediocre.

    Instead of giving audience, support and attention to those who deserve it, any promiscuous woman who is ready to show some skin gets all the media attention in the name of being a celebrity.

    The last time I checked, a celebrity must have a talent, be at least good at something or if nothing at all, must have some decent amount cash to live the life of a socialite. Deborah Vanessa has none of the above and for her to even open her talentless mouth to say; her monkey looks like hard working, talented and multiple award winning recording artiste-Chris Brown is not only an insult but unadulterated absurdity. What does this girl do again?

    The last time I checked, she has no job and all she does is to sit on twitter and other social networking sites craving for attention that she does not deserve. Where are the Ghanaian celebrities who police the social media and make sure that others do not freely say anything bad about Ghana saying about her insulting statement?

    What are they saying to their talentless sister-celebrity, Deborah Vanessa? This is totally unacceptable. Imagine what we will do if Kanye West or any of those America celebrities mention in an interview that his dog or monkey looks like Nadia Buari or Jackie Appiah.

    We must all condemn this talentless Deborah Vanessa for what she said and insist that she retract her gross statement.

    Also, we must stop giving media attention to such people who run from one party or event to another in the name of being a celebrity when in fact, they do not even have jobs and God only knows how they are keeping themselves without soiling other people’s bed.

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