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    Where is Mavis of Mentor fame?

    by Stephen Kenneth Nakujah, flexghana.com
    posted Thursday, 07 February 2013 13:41| 0 Comments

    The dream of Mentor 4’s Mavis came to fruition in the Ghanaian gospel music industry after the release of her maiden album titled ‘Obaatan.’

    Mavis who is now married to one of the nation’s prophets Abruku Abruka happens to be one of the few young musicians in the country who is working tirelessly to keep the flame of gospel music burning, as well as promoting the genre on the African continent.

    Mavis became a household name after the release of her first album and so many were those who were expecting to hear more of her songs or albums as most gospel musicians do but on the contrary, Mavis seems to be missing on the music scene.

    What has kept her off in the system is yet to be known as Flex newspaper delves into her music career. But could it be that her husband Prophet Abruku Abruka, Head Pastor of Testimony House Chapel International based at Sowutuom, is barring her from doing gospel music again so as to maintain the privacy of their family?

    Others have also conjectured that Mavis might have taken some time off to nurse her new-born baby.

    Our sources also indicate that Mavis is in the studio preparing her new album to be released sooner or later this year. Some of the tracks on her debut album include ‘Aseda’, ‘Gyae Su’ and ‘Ma Menya Nkwa’, to mention a few.

    She was among the few gospel artistes who were expected to release gospel album last year but unfortunately nothing came from her end. We at Flex newspaper know this year will be a release year for many gospel artistes, so the question we are asking is, where is the “ntaban” hit maker who ruled the airwaves some years back. Mavis, if you are reading this your fans are feverishly waiting for your come back.

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