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    Kojo Antwi to resign from GHAMRO too?

    by flexghana.com
    posted Monday, 18 February 2013 18:44| 0 Comments

    The tsunami which seems to have hit the office and administration of Ghamro does not seem to be ending soon but chairman Carlos Sakyi is upbeat that all will be well soon and that he will be able to weather the storm in no time.

    When Rex Omar made it public that he has resigned from the board of Ghamro for what he described as lack of transparency and other related issues, pundits in the entertainment industry thought he will be the last person.

    It was not long that another resignation letter was distributed around with veteran musician Charles Amoah as the one whose turn it was to resign.

    Among other things, Mr Charles Amoah is also resigning on similar grounds as Rex Omar and he feels that he can use his time better if he imparts knowledge to younger musicians than sitting on a Ghamro board that he sees  no future in. Whether what he is saying holds water or not, only time will reveal the issues in the offices of Ghamro (Ghana Music Right Owners).

    Mr Music Man is one top notch high life and veteran musician who is also a member of the Ghamro board representing Association of Music Right Owners (AMRO). Your authoritative Flex newspaper is picking signals that the music man is also likely to resign any time soon if things should continue the way they are going. It can be recalled that Amakye Dede, a staunch member of AMRO last two weeks pounced on the Ghamro board and its chairman describing them as hungry lions which did not go down well with the board members.

    Though the information about Mr Kojo Antwi sounds disturbing knowing his influence on the music scene, close sources to the man has confirmed that he is likely to put down his resignation letter too anytime soon. If he does, it will mean the 14 member board with Mr Carlos Sakyi as its head will be reduced to 11 members who can still work effectively to achieve the aims of Ghamro.

    Media people are on the look out for which member again is likely to resign from the existing number as information and rumours making rounds have it that more are likely to resign before the two year mandate of the interim board ends. Is it also true that another musicians body is under the these series of resignation and they have even been distributing the resignation letters by the resigned members? There are more in the pipe line to come out soon?

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