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    Ghana DJ Awards turned comedy show

    by flexghana.com
    posted Saturday, 23 February 2013 15:48| 2 Comments

    Congratulations to Merqury Quaye and his crew for brazening it out to wage the Second World War of the Ghana DJ Awards at the National Theatre last Saturday.

    I honestly think Merqury should thank DKB for saving the show. Contrary to what we were told that Jon Germain was going to host it, Ghanaian comedian and Big Brother Africa rep handled the disorganized awards.

    As one who is much enamored of emceeing, I thought DKB did not perform as an MC. His presentation was unlike an MC. He was just doing stand-up comedy. Yes, a sense of humour in emceeing is needed to keep your audience alive but overdoing it tars the beauty of the show.

    DKB, even when he should get serious to do serious business, was churning unnecessary jokes. He prolonged some of the jokes so much that I wondered if the show was planned. It then occurred to me they lacked good production management.

    The MC, also at most instances had to say one thing and correct it later, several times. The whole show was disorganized. Anybody just popped up on the stage to do something. DKB goofed when he introduced Stonebwoy as singer of “nyonuvio”. Meanwhile that song was done by Edem.

    Now, why did Jon Germain not host the show? Was it about money? Or Merqury was pulling a prank on fans? There can be no excuses for the unpardonable mistakes that characterized the event. That was the maiden edition doesn’t warrant those ‘things’ they did on 15th February, 2013 at the National Theatre.

    Go back to the drawing table, put your acts together and come back next year for a better Ghana DJ Awards.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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