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    Attention: DJ’s should stop mixing songs!

    by Kwame Dadzie, flexghana.com
    posted Sunday, 03 March 2013 17:39| 0 Comments

    Have you ever enjoyed the song mixes of a DJ?

    Have you wondered why DJs mix two or more songs while they play? What is the impropriety or otherwise of that activity?

    The truth is that there is nothing good about mixing of songs. It is legally wrong, musically incorrect and irritating to the ear.

    I have always repined this act of mixing by DJs and I am saying it again because they don’t want to stop it. Before you think I am whining about nothing, take time to walk with me through this discourse.

    All this while, Disc Jockeys or DJs have provided us with music at weddings, funerals, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, political rallies and at the night clubs. We also have DJs on radio who regale listeners with music.

    The DJs penchant for mixing is basically to impress listeners or revelers about their dexterity and prowess on their PCs, consoles and turntables. To the DJ, being able to mix two or more songs shows how good you are as a DJ. Even though some have traced the origin of this mixing fad to the emergence of night clubs, and have justified its execution in the clubs, I hold the view that ‘mixing of songs anywhere is musically incorrect everywhere, anytime.’

    It still baffles me why a DJ would like to mix two songs, made up of probably two different keys and differing chordal arrangements? Someone has, from their creative minds composed their songs and instead of playing it as it is to listeners or audience, you bastardize it by mixing it with another song. In mixing songs, they usually have to pitch up or pitch down the tempos of the songs being mixed and by so doing change their nature.

    This is why copyright advocate Carlos Sakyi says mixing is a copyright infringement. It is unethical as well as illegal to destroy someone’s song by mixing it with another to make it cacophonous. By mixing songs, you change the identities of the individual songs, making it difficult to enjoy its ‘originalness’. A mixture of two songs by a DJ is noise. It is disrespect to intellectual property and inimical to the music mind.

    In fact, I hate DJs who mix songs. Any DJ who mixes, is not a music being because no music person will bump their heads to noise. Someone tell Andy Dosty, DJ Vision, DJ Black, DJ Commotion, DJ Killer Fingers, DJ Kess, DJ Billy Ocean and the likes to stop mixing and the butchering of people’s songs.

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