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    Can one time single hit makers resurrect?

    by Reagan O.O. Sarfo, flexghana.com
    posted Sunday, 03 March 2013 17:53| 0 Comments

    Can one time “single hit” makers make the marks again? Can they make hits that can go above their first hits or be compared to hits that brought them into the lime light?

    Making a hit is not that difficult. What’s difficult is how to sustain the brand as a hit maker or keeping the positions where your first hits placed you.

    This has been a problem for most artistes in the country and is fading most of them out gradually.

    Compare the song Nana Boroo released after his hit track “Aha Yede” and you will realize there was no way that track was going to keep him at the level “Aha Yede” pushed him to. Another example is Danso Abeam.

    His song “Ghanaian Lady” was a hit. He made a mark with that track and it really enjoyed much airplay but comparing some of the singles he has released recently to that song, one wonders what the future is like for him. Look at Stay Jay, which of his new releases can beat the mark “Shashii Wowo” made?

    Have you observed the way their audiences respond to this hit song to that of the new releases these musicians have done? Again let’s take Edwordji’s “Yenko Nkoaa”, compare it to the new single he released some time ago. Compare Atumpan’s “Small Girl”, D Cryme’s  “Kill Me Shy”, Yaw Siki’s “Wope Dodo”, Gasmila’s “Abodatoi”, to their new songs.

    ne thing I have observed is that some of these artistes don’t realize the boundaries they make with their first hits, the fan base they create, and what that fan base wants from them. I believe apart from having good melodies, meaningful lyrics and a distinctive voice in their songs, artistes should know what boundaries they make, when and how to break them and what their fan base is made up of.

    Compare your  music to songs in the mainstream and decide whether it can compete with major label music.  I also believe every musician should realize his/her strength after his first hit and remember not to do everything.  I think the most important thing for people to remember is, don’t try to do everything.

    You watch some of these musicians or sometime meet them in town and then you wonder if they exist or can make hits again. And the sad thing is most of them have just one or two albums to their credit with just one or two hit tracks. You ask yourself, where have their singing talents, creativity gone to?

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