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    Pope Skinny insults politicians & exposes his own ignorance

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum, flexghana.com
    posted Sunday, 03 March 2013 18:05| 10 Comments

    It's quite disheartening to comprehend why some people, who by virtue of their talents become influential in the society, do not see themselves as such but descend into the gutters at the least opportunity they get.

    Everyone has the right to voice out his or her concerns on issues concerning Ghana.

    However, this right does not in any way offer anyone the authority, impudence and audacity to insult anyone. It's an undeniable fact that currently Ghanaians are facing difficult times with respect to electricity and water supply but once again, that does not give anyone the right to rain insults on any politician in the country.

    Our politicians are people who have been elected into various high offices of the Republic of Ghana and as such, need to be treated with respect.

    Hiplife artiste, Pope Skinny, who also doubles as a radio presenter at Adom FM, is in charge of Kasahare Level, which has a huge youth following.

    With such a huge following, instead of using his influence to shape the youth in a positive way, the youthful and exuberant hiplife artiste has decided to rain insults and show gross disrespect to our politicians.

    The facebook platform is very powerful and for an influential voice to rain insults on politicians in Ghana on such a platform is a big blow below the belt and a disgrace to the country.

    ''I said it before the elections and I am saying it after the elections. Fuck all politicians…yea fuck all politicians, they lie to us to get votes, trust and sweat and then they leave us to suffer. No light, don't blame ECG, blame politicians.

    No portable water to even drink, don't blame VRA, blame politicians. Hmmm I have a lot to say, you also do. Yea fuck politician…when they ask who said so…tell them Pope Skinny a.k.a Asuoden said so.''

    What do you think about such an insult coming from a hiplife artiste and a radio presenter who should be a good example to others? Would you condone such a conduct?

    By the way, who told Pope Skinny that it is VRA that is responsible for the provision of portable drinking water? If Pope Skinny needs some sort of attention, it is better he gets to a recording studio to produce a hit track rather than insult others and expose his own ignorance. Thinking aloud, what would Pope Skinny's reaction be if anyone utters such words on his show?

    Pope Skinny should know better and repent from this childish and irresponsible behavior. Someone should tell or whisper to Pope Skinny that I have keen eyes on him and my ''diabolic'' pen is always ready to conscientize any celebrity who decides to descend into any smelly gutter of any sort. I even don't know why he calls himself ''Pope''.

    Who does he think he is? He should bow his head in shame. I rest my case.

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