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    Why all this bitterness and rants over rLG and the Chris Brown concert?

    by Kemist
    posted Friday, 08 March 2013 03:08| 0 Comments

    Chris brown was in Ghana on the 5th of March 2013 as the headline act for the rlg hope city concert. In my honest opinion, the concert was a very good one.

    Now the concert is over and still some Ghanaians seem bitter over certain issues that I personally think is not pertinent enough.

    Even before the arrival of the international Grammy winner Chris brown, it was alleged that he was being paid a million dollars to perform at the concert.

    I say “alleged” because; I haven’t seen any paperwork or evidence stating the said amount of money that was paid to the Mr. Brown. This alleged price tag seems to have infuriated a lot of people, which I personally did not see why. Everybody knows Ghanaians are sentimental and all but the rate at which people are complaining and nagging/ranting about this issue to me is an insult to anybody associated to the organization of this program or event.


    First of all, Chris brown being paid $1million was not a donation made by rlg and the performance he gave was not done in appreciation of the amount of money rlg decided to hand him. Chris brown is an artist signed by SONY RCA record label and as such how much he charges for a concert is determined by these people.

    He is a businessman who renders a service. About a month or two, Chris performed in Nigeria and ivory coast, did any of these supposed premier journalist who are having a field day with this issue bother to investigate how much he was paid by our neighbors?

    Even if he asked for a million, the team he came down with (technical, talents and managerial) all had to be paid and if you are used to they way Americans do things, I’m sure they were paid by the clock (hourly).

    Have the people complaining about the his paycheck considered all the monies he has invested in studio time, rehearsal space and time, choreographers, dancers, producers and songwriters etc. who have help him churn out all his number ones over the years.

    Again, have people considered the number of “GHANAIANS” who directly or indirectly were affected by this concert? Event and entertainment companies whose business portfolios are going get a facelift? The number of citizens who were paid on that night because they rendered services, from the printers to the posters/tickets etc. to the ushers, security, national sports council, electricity company of Ghana and the Ghanaian government (taxes) to the little kid selling beverages on the field and in the stands.


    The press are having a field day with some of them sighting Chris brown’s late arrival into the country. The effect of this was the inability of the organizers to organize a press conference. Personally, I think it was unfortunate but it’s not an issue. Yes there have been other international artists who have visited and were in the country a day or 2 before the day of the show but has anybody considered the artiste schedule.

    Any avert Chris brown follower would agree with me on the fact that he is a multi-tasked individual, who runs a record label (CBE), he is a music video director (check him out a www.rivetingentertainment.com) and an artist who has to beat deadlines provided by his mother label SONY.

    An extra stay in the country, I’m sure was a luxury he couldn’t afford. Its alleged he was paid extra money to stay a day or two in Nigeria by a Nigerian citizen. Besides he was booked for the 5th of march to perform in the country and he did just that. So I seriously don’t see the problem here.


    It was reported by some online blogs that Chris brown arrived in Ghana with a frown. Some say he was unexcited about the trip to Africa or Ghana because there was no tweet or Vlog or anything about him coming to Ghana. Like seriously? Being in this industry, one or two things I have learnt is that, it’s the job of the promoters to ask or demand for these things. Like in the case of some of the artist, a voice note or visual was made to help promote the event so if Chris didn’t do it I don’t see the big fuss here.

    Chris himself sent a tweet that he is going off all social media application for a while because of how the media keep twisting is tweets and post.

    The last time he posted a tweet was a promo tweet for his artist Sevyn’s new music video. Rick Ross was in Ghana and didn’t tweet a word or instagram nothing but I guess no one bothered.


    First and foremost, Chris brown is an excellent showman. He put on one of the best shows I have ever witnessed in this my short life. I guess a lot of people didn’t care about that, except the supposed smoking of weed on stage. People have really made a big issue about this and I don’t blame them for it.

    I say supposed because of a lot of reasons, one being: Did anybody see with their own eyes the content of what he was smoking? I guess not. People; please let’s not defame anybody in an attempt to ruin his career because of our individual sentiments. I was at the concert and I remember him saying “let me light up this joint”. Lets try and look at this from an entertainer’s point of view. Chris was here to put on a show or an act.

    The sequencing and choreography was on the day was made it evident its something they have rehearsed. He and his Dj even play some Ghanaian tunes, which to me was very nice and this help get the crowd hyped up.

    Chris smoking weed on stage could have been an act, to keep the hype going. Whiles he was smoking, there was a mix of songs playing in the background, and this main reason why, his smoking antics could have been an act to make the show an exceptional one.

    Micheal Jackson used wires to create an illusion that he could fly, some artist even light themselves on fire on stage and they are not being charged with suicide because its all a show. People are asking and insulting the police for allowing Chris to go scot-free after he announced he was smoking weed.

    I applaud the police for keeping calm and not acting on their moral grounds but professionally. According to the criminal liable laws of the country, there is no mention of the word “weed” in there. Secondly, the weed is defined in the dictionaries as “A wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants”. Thirdly, I don’t recall Chris announcing he was smoking weed, he asked how many people smoke weed and he used the word “joint” to describe what he was smoking. There are a lot of legalities here and I the police not reacting was a good decision else I’m sure the state would have been in a lot of trouble and I’m sure the story would have been different with Ghanaians.

    Its very depressing when law makers come out to make condemning statements whilst they should be educating the legalities of the issue and encouraging the youth to stay away from narcotics.


    So Chris brown repeated what he did in Nigeria, here in Ghana by bringing out Wizkid. MATTER!!. Ghanaians are infuriate at the gesture because he calls out a Nigerian and he performs a song titled “AZONTO” which is something that originated from Ghana and why didn’t he perform with a Ghanaian as in the case of Ludacris when he called out sarkodie and performed his how low remix. Well I’m not going to comment plenty about this but give a very simple and logical reason.

    Wizkid is signed unto Akon’s Konllive/konvict record label. Chris brown’s manager, who was at the concert is “Bu Thiam” Akon’s little brother, Vp- Def jam recordings and co-CEO of Konvict Muzik.

    So they put their artist on stage together because this concert would get international attention (internet/socialmedia) which is a good look for the label and the brand/image of the starboy. Wizkid performed Azonto in Nigeria, when Chris was there and there were no complaints as to why he performed a Ghanaian-produced song (producer-killbeatz) instead of singing one of his numerous Nigerian-themed songs.

    They just appreciated the fact that one of their own shared a stage with an international superstar. Moral lesson here should be that Ghanaian artiste should step up their game, plan and work harder.


    So the question here is what is the big fuss?. The entertainment industry has been crying and wailing for external investment from corporate ghana into the industry and finally, this happens and look at the backlash rlg is receiving for getting involved with the entertainment industry. Have people considered the implication of all the money spent on the concert. The stage design in my view is the best I have seen ever in Ghanaian entertainment. This was possible because of the availability of funds. This is the same stage setup Musiga is using for their Music week.

    My biggest boss STIP of solid multimedia made an observation about all this, he said, “ Now it is evident that, it’s possible for an artist to be paid 1million dollars for a performance so if his daughter tells him she wants to be a musician, he would out rightly encourage”. This is the kind positive mindset Ghanaians should take instead of bashing and scaring away possible investors. The entertainment business and morality is like oil and water, they can never mix. Let us commend rLG, Empire ent and Charterhouse for putting on a good show.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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