Hiplife in 2008, who shined, flopped and is poised to blow up in 09’

    Photo: Ghana Music.com08’ will go down in history as the year a black man Obama became the world’s sweetheart on his way to the American Presidency. Of course it is also the year capitalism came crushing down to its own creation in the credit crunch.

    The music industry took a huge crunch on its own with dwindling sales. Rap music perhaps got hit the most with its topmost acts falling in sales as fans switched to downloading from you tube and MySpace. Nas’ proclamation that “Hip hop is dead!” resonated all throughout the year and not even Lil Wayne’s emergence could stop it.

    In the GH, Hiplife underwent a transformation switching from the Highlife laced instrumentation and “jama” format to its Hip hop roots in the form of Crunk music. The innovation and new trend did little to improve the perpetually poor sales and returns of artistes though.


    2008: The year music flirted with politics

    Photo: Ghana Music.comAn issue that raised acrimonious debate in several circles in the course of last year was the open flirtation between musicians and politicians as the electioneering saw musicians come out to mount platforms and declare support for politicians.

    Though all individuals have the right to drift to whichever political direction they choose, many regard musicians as belonging to the society and they must not therefore openly canvass for any party.

    Whether the frantic, open leaning towards specific parties stands to benefit the music business in the long run or not would hopefully begin to manifest when the new government is sworn into office.


    Who is even paying this payola?

    Photo: JIVEWhen you ask any of our Ghanaian Musicians about some of the major problems that curtail the growth of the music industry, all you hear is PAYOLA PAYOLA! I have heard Reggie Rockstone the Godfather of Hip life says” Fuck Payola, Payola is Bullshit”.

    A recent interview on www.ghanacelebrities.com with top music stars like Kwabena Kwabena, Wanlov the Kubolor, Mensa, etc brings to light that, our music industry is dying out of payola though every artist seem to have a different perception on the effects on Payola.

    The funny thing about this “Payola” issue is that, all of the musicians www.ghanacelebrities.com  has interviewed coupled with the others I have heard talk about it claim to have never ever paid payola before. This leaves me with the question, who even pays this payola at all since most of the musicians claim to have never paid payola before.


    TV3 Mentor 4 'Star Crunch'

    Photo: tv3.com.ghAs we try to recover from the global credit crunch, it appears that TV3's Mentor 4 is having it own kind of credibility crunch; as for the second week running, contestants failed to rake in more stars with their performances. By now we all know of the new scoring systems introduced on Mentor where by based on performances of the contestants, judges rate them out of 5 stars.

    I thought the performances from the first week were average but after seeing this weekend's show I think last week's was way better.

    Most of the contestants were very nasal this week and it seems that the harmattan has taken its heavy tow on them. Maybe they need some Ahomka Ginger instead of Tom Tom.


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