"Stop the comparison, AK Songstress will never reply Kaakie"

    The Ghanaian dancehall fraternity is about getting lively. Female reggae/ dancehall blogger and promoter popularly known as Jullie Jay-Kanz has retorted to  some comments made by fans of female dancehall artiste Kaakie after she dropped her 'Sankwas' song yesterday July 2016.


    Payola: The bane of our music industry

    When God created man, he gave him the conscience to differentiate right from wrong and also the free will to choose but knowing the sinful nature of man, laws were made by the same men to control their behaviour.


    Shatta Wale – 7 brand laws of the ‘Dance Hall King’ for business

    Shatta Wale, the Ghanaian dancehall artiste, is a household name. No debating that. Before you start a long argument about your position on his brand and influence, pause and read what these thinkers or professional speakers, Bernard Kelvin Clive and Jeremiah Buabeng have to say about the phenomenon that is Shatta Wale.

    What can you learn from Shatta Wale to incorporate into the growth of your company’s brand?


    Did Kaakie diss MzVee in "Sankwas"?

    Some portions of her chorus especially the part that sings "them try hard to be we/but they end up skinny and lean" could refer to only one Dancehall musician who is very 'skinny and lean' -- and I am talking about MzVee.

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