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    I Am Soul "He is I and I am him"

    by Soul Nana
    posted Friday, 16 April 2010 19:46| 3 Comments

    Soul Nana. Photo: Soulnana.comYoooooooo!!!! What's up my fellow Ghanaians home and abroad. My name is Emmanuel Nana Yaw Ankomah Mensah Obeng....uhmmmm rrrrttt! LOL.

    This is probably why I tell everyone to just call me Soul Nana or Soul for short! LOL...  No but for real, I was born in the Eastern Region of Ghana in a town called Koforidua.

    And you are probably like AND SO WHAT? LOL... It will all make sense later as my blog here at Ghana Music.com develops. The name of the Blog is "I AM SOUL".

    My father goes by the name of Samuel Mfojo Obeng but most people know him as RIM.  He played drums for the 37th Division band in the Ghananian Military, The Uhuru Jazz band, Fela Kuti, and more!  Side note: If you happen to see him let him know that I am looking for him!

    SERIOUSLY! So since my arrival to the United States at the age of 3 I have always been around music. It's become one with my Mind, Body, & SOUL totally consuming me to the point of no return.  It's okay it's not as bad as it sounds....LOL.

    In 1997 my brother, Latidoe, and I formed a group called SOULATIDOE.  Our 1st single and album was called Ka Wa No Tomu which was our entry into the Ghanaian Music scene - when Hiplife was still in it's infant stages. Since then music in Ghana has come along way.

    Ka Wa No Tomu by Soulatidoe

    With the assistance of technology I can talk to @R2Bees on Twitter which was not possible back then. And again you say SO WHAT? Have patience young padawon! LOL...

    My journey here in the States continues daily and on this blog I will be bringing you guys up to speed on what's been happening. From exclusive music, interviews, production tips, poetry, to my day to day grind you will get it all here. I look forward to sharing my life, thoughts and experiences with you all.

    Please feel free to introduce yourself too.  You can catch me on Twitter @Soulnana

    Until next time Remember God Has Appointed Nana Already! (GHANA- STAND UP!)


    Ghanaian Artist Producer Songwriter - based in Los Angeles California

    Worked with Maino (Atlantic Records), Cheetah Girls (Disney), Keith Robinson (Dream Girls), Jojo (Jodeci), & more!

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