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    Sally and Confidence: The hottest babes in Accra

    by Kevin Adisi, Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 24 June 2007 15:13| 1 Comments

    Photo: Ghana Music.comI did promise to tell you the hottest people, places and events in Ghana. This is the time for me to go by my words.

    If you step into Accra and want to know who is hot in town, just talk to moi.

    I know who is hot and see what you can’t see. Two of the hottest babes in Accra are no doubt Sally and Confidence, CEO’s of Monte Carlo Forever and Aphrodisiac Night Club respectively.

    Sally has added to her ‘business family’, a new kid known as ‘Monte Carlo Grand Café’ situated at Labone, just nearer to Metro TV.

    The second babe, Confidence is Accra’s successful woman to have a night club. Not to talk of her new joint at La Beach called Klimax Bay, it’s awesome.

    These smart young ladies are cruising around the world and enjoying the success of their works. Who says life is not good for some people?

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