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    The little things that you do - Efya

    by Sakyiwaa Mensah
    posted Tuesday, 14 June 2011 11:11| 1 Comments

    . . .When you say “cook the food let me wash the bowls, . . .come here baby let me touch your toes, . . .makes me love you more. . .When you suggest “wash the clothes let me clean the house.”. . . makes me wanna be a star. . . It’s the little things that you do that makes me love you more. . . Listen to Little Things by Efya

    Truly it is the little things. Over and over again I have heard men complain about the complexities of women, their wish to understand our intricacies and wants especially in love situations.

    Men, Efya is telling you all there is for you to know and do. It should not be hard to please a woman. It is in the little things that you do. . .

    . . . When you forget yourself and you pick your nose, . . .get drunk fall asleep in your clothes. . .makes me love you more. . . When you do something really gross like the way you fart when am really close, . . it’s the little things that you do that makes me love you more. . .

    The track is set in a slow tempo instrumentation with Efya’s voice coming out strong and clear. “Little Things” is a single that has been released off her yet to be released album.

    The second runner up of the first edition of the Stars of the Future reality show can sing. She can sing. Efya sings!!!

    . . . Love shouldn’t be so complicated.

    You’re the best man I ever dated. It’s the way you do the things you do that makes you you. I love you, love you more . . .oh yeeeeeeeeeeee.

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