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    This is "The Legacy"

    by Sakyiwaa Mensah
    posted Thursday, 16 June 2011 16:33| 3 Comments

    Maybe I need to take an Ewe language course. Even pidgin Ewe will be comforting for me at this stage. I need the lesson because Ayigbe Edem’s music keeps making me go to others for explanation.

    The first time, I had to book my neighbor for an explanation of his “Too Much” single. This time around, I pinned my friend, Mina down to listen and interpret “The Legacy”, his second single off his Mass Production Album. It features the sensational Ga rapper whose physique and name are in common, Tinny, the Aletse Kankpe man. Watch The Legacy by Ayigbe Edem featuring Tinny

    Listening intently, Mina took me through the meanings of what the record says. In summary, Edem and Tinny have orchestrated this beautiful piece at their enemies.

    They have warnings for those who keep thinking that they are joking with what they do. They just do not realize or rather fail to admit that what they do is actually the real deal.

    Like a typical Hammer Last Two beat, it starts with a few instruments and graduates steadily to a symphony of instruments with a bit of talks before the actual rapping begins. My favorite line here is “parental guidance. This is an adult picture. Listen responsibly.” Tinny starts off with a strong one word intro, Edem comes through with a line, there is a seeming conversation between the two and then a feel of aggression as Edem launches into his rap. Tinny’s rap has a more relaxed feel.

    Edem sings as well on this record and manages to conquer the aggression felt in his rap. Some people said Becca made the Ga language sound so romantic with her “Daa ke Daa” record. Ayigbe Edem sings in Ewe and does it for me on this record.

    The accompanying video does well by portraying the story in the music. Samad Davis od Davis Media Group, the Film Director responsible for the directing of the American movie, Three Can Play That Game fused his movie techniques and the meaning of the record well enough. It has a movie feel.

    I have said before that good music surpasses language understanding. Edem is a good artist, emcee and a great story teller but above all, he is a good musician, brilliant composer and yes, an authentic rapper.

    I need Ewe lessons. Seriously. Someone please inform Ayigbe Edem for me. I want him for my private tuition. Am ready. Where is my teacher???

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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