Ghana Music Awards - An observation

    Ghana Music Awards 2010. Photo: Charter HouseJust when the nominations list came out, issues started flying left right and center. Admittedly, the GMA has come far. There have been issues with it right from its inception. As dynamic as the organizers are, they made the necessary changes. GMA has grown. It is big. It is Ghanaian and I love it.

    Appreciate what is beautiful and I must say GMA is beautiful as well. Criticisms come with appreciation. A pat here, a mistake pointed out there, changes are made here and there, GMA grows big and Ghana music gets to be celebrated every now and then.


    Open letter to Ayigbe Edem

    Ayigbe Edem. Photo: Ghana Music.comI wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a hip life/hip-hop follower. I can only say I love good music. The language is not usually a barrier because I do listen to songs from other parts of Africa, I can barely understand the language yet I pay attention to them. This I do via VOA radio.

    I am Ghanaian. I appreciate a lot of things about Ghana. I love our own high life tunes, through to the modernised contemporary high life tunes of today. Change is inevitable and usually comes with a force when the need becomes ever so pressing. From our high life tunes, and with an attention to the western hip-hop tunes, the Ghanaian youth now enjoys a type of music which has been tagged as hip life.


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