The little things that you do - Efya

    . . .When you say “cook the food let me wash the bowls, . . .come here baby let me touch your toes, . . .makes me love you more. . .When you suggest “wash the clothes let me clean the house.”. . . makes me wanna be a star. . . It’s the little things that you do that makes me love you more. . . Listen to Little Things by Efya

    Truly it is the little things. Over and over again I have heard men complain about the complexities of women, their wish to understand our intricacies and wants especially in love situations.


    Am In Love With You. . . Now

    Ghana’s fastest rapper, Sarkodie and Miss-Lovely-Singing-Sensation Efya. Photo: Steve Adusei/Ghana Music.comIs it not a usual case of persons not exactly appreciating the worth of their partners, playing with their emotions and love and downplaying their intelligence for whatever reasons until they are found out and left with a hanging relationship before they begin to appreciate their partners?


    Write Write On My Wall. . .

    Okyeame Kwame with Bertha in Faithfil video. Photo: Ghana Music.com. . . If it’s deep, inbox of course. How about Skype and making use of any other available social media platform to propel our love? Oh follow me so I follow you on Twitter!


    Open Letter to Becca

    True Diva - Rebecca Acheampong aka Becca. Photo: Pinnaclegh.comGhanaian music has gone through a lot of metamorphoses. It is heartwarming that despite a lot of shrewd criticisms about making music that we can lay full claim to, we have some entertainers who can stand the test of time.

    I heard about your Children’s Ball. The media campaign that followed it and the success of it has clearly showed that indeed you are a force to reckon with.

    At the last GMA, your performance was very great. You wowed a lot of people. They applauded and days later, that performance was still being spoken of. Some say you copied Beyonce something something. Forgive me, but chuckles. Does Beyonce sing in Twi? Does she combine “Amirika” and “Daa Ke Daa” in a performance?


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