Technicalities in music: Mixing and mastering

    Hubert Kofi Anti aka Ubeatz. Photo: Facebook.com/ubeatzThere is an aspect of music production which many people so blindly ignore. It has to do mainly with technicalities of sound so not many people really understand it. Have you listened to good music through good speakers and have become baffled by the fact that you can hear a certain instrument in the left speaker but you cant hear it in the right speaker and vice versa?

    This aspect of music has been seemingly ignored because of the technicalities. You know how we all love computers and internet yet some of us know nothing about gigabytes and disk space and hardware what what? Our only care is that it should come on and must work flawlessly!


    GMA fashion: Did the guys 'out-dress' the ladies?

    GMA has grown. Undoubtedly, it is Ghana’s major entertainment event. As usual, it was well planned but there were challenges that so overwhelmed the organizers that they had to look on helplessly as they could not contain the crowd. Those outside the venue simply refused to leave. They wanted to be part of it, the live event; they felt too associated with it to go away.

    The days that followed the event have seen the public praising and lambasting Charter House, the organizers, at the same time. Well, good or bad, the genuine feeling I get is that Ghanaians appreciate the GMA. We love it, we feel it. It’s about Ghanaian music and who owns our music aside us?


    No diva in Ghana, not yet!

    In a country where titles are thrown about in a rather haphazard way, it sometimes comes with little dignity when deserving people re referred to with those titles.

    CEO has become so common that corporate organizations are beginning to change this same title to Chief Operating Officer and others, in a bid maintain the dignity and responsibility that comes with it.


    He dared to be different

    Hammer aka Edward Nana Poku Osei of the Last Two. Photo: Ghana Music.comHe is tooted by many as being one of the prolific music producers in Ghana. Since the inception and acceptance of hip life music in Ghana, he is one producer who started with the starters and is still surviving, churning out not just hits, but artists and iconic stars as well.

    Born and named Edward Nana Poku Osei, he got his nickname, Hammer, because he could dance very well. He danced to an MC Hammer tune during homos night at his first year at PRESEC, Legon, to earn this nickname. He has responded to this nickname since then.


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