Chase, Chemphe, Ded Buddy, Richie & Fritz off the radar!

    Music business is a tough trade; one moment you are the toast of the fans, the next moment, you are not even recognizable – one second you have a hit song; the next second, you would be floundering for another hit.


    DJs cry for respect a misplaced plea

    The idea that DJs think Musicians owe them some respect is very absured and I believe some clarification must be made. 
In the Industral structure everyone has a specific role to play in other to see the industry grow and therefore some players feeling more important than others only makes the industry retrogress.


    Worlasi’s Infamous VGMA tweet: Pride, smartness, idiocy or just an opinion?

    No edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) has ever been held without any form of controversy or blabber and surprisingly, even before the nominations for the 18 edition of the awards are opened – some controversy is being stirred already.


    The biggest beefs/diss songs for 2016 are...

    The world of music can hardly make it without ‘beefs’ and ‘diss’ songs; they are characteristics of any viable industry.


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    Who wins Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2016 'Artiste of the Year'