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    Bro Philemon feels honoured about GGIA nominations

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 20 December 2013 09:57| 0 Comments

    Being nominated for music award is no small feat, especially for Bro Philemon who is based far away in the continent of Asia.

    Bro Philemon has definitely achieved that honour as he is up for two awards from the Ghana Gospel Industry Awards (GGIA) for 'Collaboration of the Year' and 'Best Gospel Song Writer'.

    The awards ceremony takes place at the National Theatre on Sunday December 22, 2013.

    Bro Philemon answered a few questions about how he felt about the nominations.

    Ghana Music.com: What is it like to be nominated for Ghana Gospel Industry Awards 2013?
    Bro Philemon: Well It feels great and I must say I am honored to even have my name on the nomination list.

    Ghana Music.com: Which album and which song were nominated?
    Bro Philemon: The album nominated is “M'asan Aba” which was released this year and the song that got me nominated is 'Mo Bo Wo Dzin' featuring Morris D'Voice.

    Ghana Music.com: How have things been going with your music career since you are not based in Ghana?
    Bro Philemon: Well all I can say is that things are going great and yes I am not based in Ghana but I am still impacting on lives with my music in my current country of residence.  I have had great opportunity to work with musicians from different countries who are in the Christian Band I belong to here in China called Freedom 61. We just ended a tour in Shenzhen, China by bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to Chinese as well as teaching them the true meaning of Christmas. I am also currently billed to Minister at Love Tabernacle International Church Shenzhen China at their Mega Cross Over watch night service. God has been good and I can say there are bigger things to come.

    Ghana Music.com: What are you currently working on?
    Bro Philemon: Well currently I am planning on remixing some tracks on my debut album and work hard to promote it to get the message in the song across to many people. Also I will be shooting music videos for some tracks on my debut. In terms of new songs, I will soon be hitting the studios with some award winning artiste to record some new singles.

    Ghana Music.com: What effect do you think living in China had on your career?
    Bro Philemon: Well this is a very difficult question to answer but i will try my best to give you the best answer as possible: China in a positive way gave me the means to be able to produce my own album as well as having the means to promote the songs. You and i know its not easy promoting an album as an independent producer. The only other effect China has on my music career right now is the opportunities i am missing in terms of shows in Ghana, however i believe its all good since i am doing Gods work here in China too.. i always say i try to make the best out of where God has placed me.

    Ghana Music.com: After winning what's next for Bro Philemon?
    Bro Philemon: Well If I win this award it ill be a great step in my career, I believe this will put me on a different pedestal and raise the the standard on whatever i bring out in the next coming years. I believe I am here to stay and will play my part in bringing out good and quality music to bring hope and inspire people and also draw people to Christ. .I quote a message i received from a fan of mine - "I find the secret of perseverance in your song "Me Nse Sa" that no matter the situation today, God will meet our needs tomorrow". This is what makes me want to be doing more in the music industry.

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