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    Edyth explains why she opted for gospel music

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 05 May 2010 15:28| 0 Comments

    Although the music industry is male dominated, there is a lone music variety which women musicians have found it easy to penetrate - gospel music.

    They have used gospel music as their entry into music and some have used it as an exit point from the music scene.

    “I try to tell people about the greatness of God, I also encouraged and inspire the depressed and the less privilege”, she said for her reasoning in joining the gospel train.

    Edyth is bringing in a unique kind of gospel music which is fused with classical R&B, afro pop music, agbadza and more unheard of genres.

    Ghana Music.com: How long have you been singing for?
    Edyth: I have been singing since 1996.

    Ghana Music.com: When did you decide you wanted to take music further as a career?
    Edyth: I took that decision in 2006.

    Ghana Music.com: What messages do you try to include in your album?
    Edyth: I try to tell people about the greatness of God, I also encouraged and inspire the depressed and the less privilege.

    Ghana Music.com: For many of today's gospel artists, they are balancing their music career with other commitments such as work, university and college. How do you in particular find the balance between work and music?
    Edyth: Is quite challenging being the fact that more work is needed to be put to the music at the same time finding materials for your education too.

    Ghana Music.com: Do you have a particular goal or achievement which you would like to achieve with your music?
    Edyth: My goal is to lure and draw especially youth’s like myself closer to God through my music.

    Ghana Music.com: Do you think your “Ewe” language will help out. Artistes like Celestine and more who are ‘Ewes’ also singing in ‘Twi’?
    Edyth: Of course yes, because music is not all about language, there is more to it, talking about the soul, rhythm and the message that is being passed across. So I am not discouraged at all.

    Ghana Music.com: It seems you have penned quite a number of encouraging songs over the years. How did you develop such acute sensitivity to broken people's needs?
    Edyth: I would say it’s a gift and that’s to say by the special grace of God I have been inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Ghana Music.com: Did your parents pressure you into music?
    Edyth: Absolutely not.

    Ghana Music.com: “My Peace”. What do you mean?
    Edyth: My peace simply means freedom just like a thirsty antelope who has just arrived at its brook.

    Ghana Music.com: And what did those words (“My Peace”) do for you?
    Edyth: Yes, because Music is not all about who you are, but what God really wants to do with your life.

    Ghana Music.com: Do you ever wonder why God chose you to do what you do?
    Edyth: No.

    Ghana Music.com: What would you say was the most important time in your gospel career?
    Edyth: That was when I was launching my album.

    Ghana Music.com: How would you describe your sound?
    Edyth: It's unique because it involves varieties of sounds like “Abgadza” classical R&B, reggae, afro music etc.

    Ghana Music.com: What are your opinions of the gospel music scene in the Ghana at the moment?
    Edyth: It’s doing quite well, but more rooms for improvement.


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