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    Criss Waddle talks about his relationship with Yvonne Okoro

    by yfmghana.com
    posted Saturday, 04 March 2017 18:09| 0 Comments

    Criss Waddle has finally opened up about his two years relationship with Ghana’s star actress Yvonne Okoro.

    The multiple award winning rapper in an interview with YFM’s Caroline Sampson on Shouts On Y talked about his past relationship, new music with Kelvin Black and his eminent AMG Concert and album.

    Here are some highlights!

    Caroline Sampson: Why were you in tears in that photo that surfaced on social media recently?
    Criss: My dog died and I loved the dog so much. Strange thing is before that I didn’t like dogs, it was someone that I liked so much that introduced me to dogs.

    Caroline Sampson: Is it the same person you singing about in your new song? Oh Yvonne Okoro? She likes dogs too… I think I can make the connection now.
    Criss: I don’t know if she likes dogs too.

    Caroline Sampson: In the “Letter to Yvonne Okoro”, what do you want her to know? Is she your friend?
    Criss: I mean, I had the opportunity to be her friend for two years straight.

    Caroline Sampson: Two years? We never saw you two anywhere…
    Criss: I know, we were just friends.

    Caroline Sampson: Why the need to write the song now?
    Criss: Its just me being creative. Lots of people write songs for people they like , I thought I will just do same.

    Caroline Sampson: you talked about moments you shared in the song, why you no more friends?
    Criss: I don’t know. When I had the opportunity to be her friend for two years, I reliazed she was a good person and at some point in time, I think I did somethings that were wrong and I see nothing wrong with me coming out to write a song saying I’m sorry. That was special to me. She was a special friend to me.

    Caroline Sampson: So you were never lovers?

    Criss: We were friends.

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