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    Flexclusive hungry for success

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 26 May 2010 08:15| 0 Comments

    Flexclusive caught Ghana Music.com’s attention a few weeks ago with his new music video 'Hungry' because the music is great (which it is) and the video too is great but another thing was that his lyrics which were well laid. Watch Hungry by Flexclusive

    Holland based Ghanaian rapper, Felix Ankrah aka Flexclusive may be young, but he’s already shown all the earmarks of a born leader; with his relentless drive and willingness to put in extra hours to stay ahead of the pack, how could he not be destined for greatness?

    After moving from Ghana to Holland, Flexclusive began to take a serious interest in music, eventually directing most of his attention to hiphop. Featuring booth-acclaimed singles “Hungry” and “Struggling Life, Flexclusive is set to drop soon in Ghana. Listen to Everyday Struggle by Flexclusive featuring Killa Vii

    After looking more closely at Flexclusive, you’ll soon understand that he is the next best thing. Check out an exclusive interview he did with Ghana Music.com below.

    Ghana Music.com: Are there any moments that you can think of when hip-hop lost its way in Ghana at where you are based?
    Flexclusive: Not really but I personally don't feel like hip-hop lost its way in Ghana. I think hip-hop is still alive in Ghana but right now it just so happens that hiplife is one of the most dominating music genres. Moreover, they kind of blend hiphop well with highlife, which most Ghanaians seem to be embracing. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Ghana Music.com: I watched the "Hungry" video on Ghana Music.com recently and I think it holds up really well. I was struck by how it's so different to what other GH rappers are doing. What was the concept for the video and please also tell us a Ghanaian directed and edited it?
    Flexclusive: First off, we wanted to keep the video raw, simple and most importantly hip-hop. The video is about an individual who is very focused and trying his best to achieve his goals in life by any means necessary. In the video you’ll see me trying to independently promote my music/CDs to some people who have heard about me and like my music, but yet still pray for your downfall.

    As you can see in the video, we chose a location that was pretty much abandoned. We shot a part of the video in front of an abandoned apartment building just to capture that raw atmosphere. The other part of the video is shot at a live venue, where we set up a stage and shot the performance act of me with the band.

    The director and editor of the video is Dutch. He goes by the name Bop Littlejohn also known as Bobby Bastard.

    Ghana Music.com: Are there any producers you especially wanted to work with on this record?
    Flexclusive: Oh yeah, I worked with Brownie Dutch on this record because I felt he is one of the producers, who is able to capture that raw classic hiphop sound. I’m looking to forward to work with new producers though. I recently heard about a Ghanaian producer called Soul Nana. He’s been putting in work for real. “What up Soul, don’t hesitate to holla at ya boy when you read this”.

    Ghana Music.com: Do you think there's anybody else following your lead or will start doing music like you?
    Flexclusive: That’s a hard one. But if people like the movement and like my music so much that they would like to follow my lead, I’ll say why not.

    Ghana Music.com: You have a voice, you have fans, you have people who listen to you and they’re influenced by what you say and you are using that to bring light to issues that you feel are important. That’s good, but some of rappers use their voice to preach, what about you?
    Flexclusive: I certainly use my voice to bring light to issues that I feel are important. I write about things that I’ve experienced things that I’ve been through and things I’ve seen in my environment. I make songs that people can relate to and I always try to convey a positive message through each song.

    Ghana Music.com: Now, of course, the song that’s being talked about, the song “Hungry.” Take us into your thinking when you laid down the lyrics to that?
    Flexclusive: You know, I’ve been active for years as a solo artist and I spent a lot of time (years to be exact) molding and creating my own sound. When I laid down the lyrics to “Hungry”, I felt like it’s time to let people know about me. So I was like I’m hungry, you know what I mean. Hungry to do what I do best and to push my music to the forefront.

    Ghana Music.com: You sound like you have a little bit more control over the content of what goes into your songs?
    Flexclusive: That’s right. I’m not signed to a major label or whatsoever. I’m being pushed by an independent label so I can basically do or say what I want to.

    Ghana Music.com: Which musician in the game still excites you?
    Flexclusive: There are a lot of musicians in the game that excites me. I listen to musician from various genres. To name a few, Nas, Capleton, Sizzla, Eminem, Jay Z, Styles P, Batman Samini, Sarkodie, 2 Face Idibia, R Kelly, Amy Winehouse and more.

    Ghana Music.com: Did you anticipate the difficulties in trying to release an album with your title?
    Flexclusive: Not at all, at the end of the day I focus on making good music. I mean, I listen to different styles of music from various artists but I don't necessarily look at the title of the album when buying it for example. As far as I’m concerned it’s all about making good music.

    Ghana Music.com: How in-tuned are you with the Internet. Do you read blogs? How often are you on Ghana Music.com?
    Flexclusive: I definitely read blogs. I do this in order to stay updated with the latest news regarding music and/or entertainment and I frequently check Ghana Music.com to see what going on in the Ghanaian music industry.

    Ghana Music.com: Would you ever think of making your next title something controversial?
    Flexclusive: If I ever feel like shedding light on issues that happens to be controversial, I won’t hesitate to do it.

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