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    Richie tells fans to be ready for "All of Me"

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 25 February 2009 10:58| 0 Comments

    Set to release his debut album titled, ”All Of Me” on Lynx Entertainment record label, Richie the dynamic entertainer is ready to deliver. Infusing pop melodies to rich, soulful production, the album is sure to score with fans and critics alike.

    Relying on mostly his own in-house crew artistes like Asem, Irene and OJ Blaq, Richie creates both a unique sound and sentiment for his album.

    Songs like his first single "Frema" which now has different versions was beautiful produced by him. Richie also cited Lionel Richie, Boyz II Men, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Akon and Timbaland in his list of favorite entertainers.

    Richie's songs are filled with passion and intense energy that pulls (you into the music) and puts you into a zone especially his love songs.

    Richie aka “U know the name right” is taking the music industry by storm, as he graces and challenges popular music with his writing and vocal talents. He has worked from Tinny, Irene, Kwaw Kese, Asem, Da Bradez, Becca, Faze, much more than today's male singer and sound engineers.

    Ghana Music.com is honoured and ecstatic to be a part of the Lynx Entertainment and we will soon be premiering new videos from Asem, Irene and not forgetting two brand new videos from Richie himself.

    Ghana Music.com: In your own words, who is Richie?
    Richie: Richie is a simple guy who lives for music.

    Ghana Music.com: Who is Richie the beat maker too?
    Richie: Richie the beat maker is my crazy side, I express all my emotions and thoughts through my beats.

    Ghana Music.com: You wrote Frema, which is obviously one of the last year's biggest hits, how did that compare to writing some of your new singles?
    Richie: I wrote Frema with Asem, and as such it has a different feeling from the others songs on the album. I like working with others because it mostly brings out the best, and varies the styles of your music.

    Ghana Music.com: "Frema" do you remember when it hit you, the inspiration behind it. What was the melody?
    Richie: The beat was produced before the song was written, so the inspiration came from the feeling generated from the beat. It was clear the kind of song it should be as soon as the beat was created.

    Ghana Music.com: Songwriting and beating making, how do they compare?
    Richie: They are one in the same. They both have to do with manipulation of melodies.

    Ghana Music.com: What does music mean for Richie?
    Richie: Music is everything to me. Since birth I have drank, eaten, talked and lived music. It's a part of me.

    Ghana Music.com: You have a certain kind of style that you have created. Can we expect the same from your new album or are there any surprises?
    Richie: There are a couple of pleasant surprises coming in my album.

    Ghana Music.com: I hear you don't get much sleep, you always in the studio. Why?
    Richie: I'm addicted to music production. I'm a music junkie.

    Ghana Music.com: Were there any particular albums you remember inspiring you when growing up, be it local or foreign albums? And what do you listen to these days?
    Richie: My favourite song ever is 'Hello' by Lionel Richie; I practically listened to every type of music whilst growing up. I'm kind of dynamic and thus don't like to be stuck on one thing for too long. That's what gives my versatility.

    Ghana Music.com: How do you stay creative while remaining on the subject of love and romance?
    Richie: Love is something everyone has experienced or at least witnessed before. The way to stay creative on the subject is to use yourself and your surroundings as inspiration, because it keeps it fresh, and through that your listeners can connect with you personally.

    Ghana Music.com: You recently collaborated with Asem - can you tell me about how that came about and how it went?
    Richie: It's great working with Asem because he's glowing with immense talent. Ideas flow easily and the work moves fast, with great output.

    Ghana Music.com: Can you describe to me your stage show; I've heard it's a splendid one?
    Richie: I believe in dynamism, and as such like to bring something new everytime I'm on stage.

    Ghana Music.com: How often do you write? Is it forced, or is it mainly taken from previously written material after emotionally intense moments?
    Richie: Music comes from within and as such I can write whenever necessary. Most of my spontaneous ideas I record on my phone, my phone has about 4 albums on it right now.

    Ghana Music.com: How do you feel about having other people that you've written for being more credited and recognized for your words than you?
    Richie: There have been instances where I didn't receive the credit for some written material but I still find pleasure in seeing people enjoy the music I created and as such don't feel aggrieved.

    Ghana Music.com: How many songs were created for your new album?
    Richie: The album has 17 tracks selected from about 48 recorded songs.

    Ghana Music.com: Tell me about Lynx Entertainment and how it was formed?
    Richie: Lynx Entertainment is a revolutionary record label, which is going to establish Ghana on the world map as the home of good music. Lynx was set up to produce music that will appeal to Ghana as well as the rest of the world, which it has proven it is capable of doing from the few productions it has introduced. Lynx was a young kid's dream, which is becoming a nation's reality. I began Lynx after completing Achimota Senior High School. I was 17 at the time. I devoted all my time into making it a success. Lynx has reached where it is now through the help of people such as my mum, Alberta K Mensah, OJ Blaq, Cy Lover, Tinny, Abraham Ohene-Gyan, Lawrence Dejan, Shushu Bampoe, Enoch Boateng, Richmond Adu-Poku, and several others.

    Ghana Music.com: How do you feel about the R&B industry in Ghana?
    Richie: The R&B industry is picking up and seems to have a great future. I'm confident on its success.

    Ghana Music.com: Now that you have come out of the shadows, how are you finding the industry being in the limelight?
    Richie: It's been very interesting so far. A few problems here and there, but most has been great I should say.

    Ghana Music.com: What do you think about your fellow mates, Becca, Chemphe, Irene & Jane and more?
    Richie: Well I work with Becca, Irene & Jane, and as such I can testify that they are great musicians and interesting people. Chemphe I've never met but think he's good. All these people are helping push the dream further.

    Ghana Music.com: How do you feel about the current state of the music business, is it going in your direction?
    Richie: A few years ago I hated where the music industry was, but now I think it's moving in the right direction. I'm proud to be a Ghanaian musician.

    Ghana Music.com: Any final messages to the ladies
    Richie: You know the name right.


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