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    Buzz-IN with J-Town

    by philafeen.com
    posted Tuesday, 26 October 2010 15:56| 0 Comments

    The “Buzz-IN” post seeks to expose up and coming Ghanaian artists. This post features,  J-Town, an artist recently nominated for a Channel O award… Click below to read more.

    What would you consider your music genre?
    I don’t wanna be put into only one genre so I dab into different types of music to bring out a different sound so I’m all over with the types of musical genres.

    What propelled you into the music business?
    Honestly, my love for music came by listening to Marvin Gaye. You could tell by listening and watching him that he loved the music and it wasn’t about the money so that’s what got me with music but it was rappers like the Fat Boys, Slick Rick and Rakim that got me to start freestyling and writing. These guys were true to the art and that’s what got me into the music business

    Who are some of your Ghanaian music Influences?
    That would have to be Osibisa, ck man, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley etc

    How did you get into producing?
    I wanted my own sound and some producers couldn’t give me what I was looking for, so i got on my learning game and now I’m considered one of the best producers in Ghana.

    In the sea of Artist what keeps you relevant?
    I think it’s the fact that I tend to not follow the norm, I mix up different genres to make one sound, my ability to tell my story on a track and I try my best to connect with my fans on a personal level. That’s really important to me.

    So your “Guns & Roses” Video got nominated for “Most gifted West Video” by Channel O. How has that changed your career?
    It’s definitely given me more attention from fans and artists all over because the song was so different from what we normally hear out here in Africa and it also gave me the title of being different from the rest which is coming with more opportunities with different artists and business ventures.

    In 5 years where do you see yourself in the industry?
    I see myself being recognized all over the world as a great musician and producer, I see my brand spreading through out the world and I see myself having the best and most selling album coming out of Ghana. Grammy chasing.

    How difficult is it to do Hip Hop in Ghana Vs Hip Life?
    Well at first, the people in Ghana weren’t even prepared to listen to hip hop at all but now that’s changing. Some hip hop artists in Ghana are putting out great material which can rival with our western brothers and sisters any day so the people are hearing the quality and getting impressed at a fast pace. At 1st, hip hop artist would never be able to grace the stage of any concert but now we’re headlining. It’s still difficult compared to hip life, but hip hop is on a fast rise.

    What’s next for J-Town?
    I’m very interested in the business ventures my music career can create so building an empire based on entertainment is my plan. Real estate, fashion, charities etc. I also have my own label, Home Of Original Dreams (H.O.O.D) which will produce great artist to put out good music. Expect a lot out of me………watch closely.


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