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    One on One with Geena K, the sensational gospel songbird

    by Kevin Adisi, Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 27 April 2009 09:30| 1 Comments

    Geena K. Photo: Ghana Music.comIn less than a year, Georgina Abban known in the music circles as Geena K has transformed the Gospel music genre. And although she has not collaborated with any notable mainstream artist, she has made a vow to keep the focus of his musical endeavors on Christ.

    The Ghanaian born talented upcoming artist and songwriter who's first Gospel album should be dropping very soon in many Ghanaian stores in Columbus, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Europe, and Canada is the third of four children namely John, Isaac, and Charity to both Mr. Isaac Abban and Mrs. Felicia Abban.

    With this album Geena K hopes to bring more vibrant Ghanaian gospel music to the industry, Africans, and the world.

    She is by far one of the most talented upcoming artists to garner remarkable attention and a huge following among White and Black Christians, Gospel and Secular music fans. Her incredible run as Contemporary Christian artist over the years is a testament to her unwavering faithfulness and uncompromising excellence as artist and minister of the Word.

    Ghana Music.com spoke briefly with this beautiful songbird who is striving to live uprightly.

    GM: What is going on in the life of Geena K?
    Geena: I'm working on promoting my album. Trying my best to give people the opportunity to hear my music.

    GM: How would you consider your kind of music? Contemporary Gospel or Christian Music?
    Geena: I would consider my music to be Contempory Gospel.

    GM: Every new generation of Contemporary Gospel music inevitably suffers some form of backlash from traditional listening audiences. In the states, Kirk Franklin is one principle target. Are you being criticized for the music you do and what do you say to those criticisms?
    Geena: I haven't been criticized because my music isn't out there yet. People haven't had the chance to listen to my music yet, so I don't know what the response will be. I am hoping that it will be a good one.

    GM: In the Music arena, artists are often inspired by one musician or the other. Which musician would you in your view say his career has had an influence on yours?
    Geena: I think right now it would have to be Samini. I love his new song "Movement". I love it because it talks about the realties of Africa. I admire any artisit who is brave enough to bring awareness to the many problems that we face.

    GM: Is your life story a true testimony of what God can do?
    Geena: Yes, definitely

    GM: As a Gospel artist, what are some of the challenges that you face day-to-day from being in various church settings? Do you find it difficult to get fed spiritually?
    Geena: Since I'm just starting out, I haven't had the opportunity to visit multiple churches and have them hear my music. I don't think that it's difficult to get fed spiritually because I listen to my inner instincts and that is one of the many ways God speaks to us.

    GM: Would you consider the music business a profitable venture? Are you in for the money, fame or to preach the word?
    Geena: Yes, it could be if your music is received well by many people.  I'm in this hoping that my music can touch people. This album is my way of thanking God for all that He has done for me and my family.  I'm not in for money or fame, but if that happens then I will use both of those things to help make a difference in Africa.

    GM: How do you see yourself? Your role as an artist?
    Geena: I see myself trying to bring some change in Ghanaian Gospel. I don't know exactly what that is yet, but I'm praying about it. As an artist I am hoping to bring some more vibrant music to the gospel industry.

    GM: Have you in any way participated in a couple of secular collaborations? If yes, why have you moved to another standpoint? Could you elaborate a little bit more on your current position?
    Geena: The answer would have to be no. This album is my first time ever venturing into the world of music so I haven't had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist. I'm hoping that that will change once people get a chance to hear my music.

    GM: In the music world, every artist has a couple of songs that they wind up singing a countless number of times. Is there a particular one that, when you sing, your energy level shoots through the roof?
    Geena: I have a song on my album called 'Onyame Nim Nea Eye' (God knows What Is Best).  This song talks about how we have a God who knows what's good for us at all times, and yet we constantly second-guess Him if only we understood that what we have at the moment is all we need. By understanding this, I feel as if I have it all. This is one of the songs that really gets me through the roof.  I'm going to do my best when performing this song to relay this information to people.

    GM: I know every Gospel artist’s songs are intended for the church. However, is there any song on the album targeted at the mainstream audiences?
    Geena: Even though this is a gospel album, I do feel that anyone can listen to it and take something from it. Whether you believe in God or not, we all have obstacles to overcome and need a little pick-me-up once in a while, and I feel that this music can do that for people. A song does not only consist of words. It consists of a beat and a rhythm. Those things can touch anyone, anywhere, no matter who you are.

    GM: Do you ever go back and re-listen to the songs you’ve written to see how far you’ve come?
    Geena: As a matter of fact, the album is stuck in my cd player. It's all I listen to. Everyday when I play it, it amazes me what I've been able to do with God's help.

    GM: Do you ever wonder why God chose you to do what you do?
    Geena: Yes I do. I'm grateful that God chose me, and I'm going to work hard to deliver His message.

    GM: Now let’s get to your album. What’s the album title and how many songs do you have on the album?
    Geena: The album is called "Hwe Nea Waye" (Look at What He Has Done) and it consists of 10 tracks and an instrumental.  Seven of the songs are in Twi and three are in English.

    GM: Most often, you hear big names when it comes to the financing gospel albums? Which Executive Producer are you working with?
    Geena: Currently I don't have an Executive Producer. Maybe you can hook me up. I just met a young Ghanaian guy who is trying his hands at producing. I'm going to try him out and see what happens.

    GM: What inspired you to put up this album? Any Life experiences?
    Geena: When I started hearing tunes and lyrics in my head, I kind of brushed it off thinking it was nothing. As time went on, I got more tunes and more lyrics in my head and I started writing them down. That's when I realized that making music could be a possibility for me.  My inspiration was my motivation. I wanted to put myself to the test and see if I could really do this.

    GM: Have you ever performed on a big stage or any show that is still fresh in your minds?
    Geena: No. I haven't had the oppurtunity to perform live yet, but I'm planning to this June at my album release party in New York. If you are wondering why New York, my whole family lives there.  I spent half of my life in New york and wanted a change, so I moved to Columbus, Oh.

    GM: Your last word...
    Geena: First I want to say thank you for the interview, and to those peolpe reading this, if you'd like to get more info you can go to myspace.com/geenak and geenak.com. I'll be doing my best to update regularly.


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