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    Up close with Ayigbe Edem

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 06 April 2011 21:42| 0 Comments

    With a pioneering presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Ayigbe Edem knew when it was time to fly, as he now aims to soar.

    Ayigbe Edem is an Ewe emcee that is determined to make an impact on the hip-hop scene in Ghana. Not only does he want to be a game-changer on the music side of the equation, but he plans to influence the overall culture, too.

    After releasing an album titled, “The Volta Regime”, his agenda is off to a great start – following the massive success of hits such ‘Bougez’, ‘Nyornuviade’ and more.

    Ghana Music.com chatted it up with Ayigbe Edem and discussed a few topics such as the tremendous success of his hiphop life and ‘Mass Production’ as his next album.

    He was a cool dude. Here’s the interview. Enjoy!

    Ghana Music.com: What’s your song writing process like?
    Ayigbe Edem: Versatile but I enjoy writing to beats than before beats.

    Ghana Music.com: What drives you to create music?
    Ayigbe Edem: Different emotions, circumstances and truth.

    Ghana Music.com: What do you bring to the hip-hop game that differentiates you?
    Ayigbe Edem: That raw organic original element that represents my ideals and beliefs. Also perfect timing backed with super punch lines, logic and poetry.

    Ghana Music.com: What was the first album you purchased for yourself?
    Ayigbe Edem: Locally, Obrafour’s ‘Pae Mu Ka’. Globally I don’t remember.

    Ghana Music.com: If you could write a song about Hammer what would it be about?
    Ayigbe Edem: It will be about the asset that he is to this industry, and how we should take advantage of his melancholic disposition and make sure his beliefs and ideals are embedded in our minds in our quest to export our rap music.

    Ghana Music.com: What are some items listed on your concert rider?
    Ayigbe Edem: Depends. I have riders for high profile shows, overseas, tertiary institutions, high schools and rural areas. Each one is designed to fit the occasion and the economic reality of the host.

    Ghana Music.com: Many people don't know too much about your outside. Were you always into music?
    Ayigbe Edem: Yep. Check my wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayigbe_Edem.

    Ghana Music.com: Not too many people know about the rap scene out in the Volta Region. How's the atmosphere out there? Is everyone cool and supportive of each other? We only know of you and Agbeko?
    Ayigbe Edem: That’s what I’ll be changing with my Volta regime movement. Encouraging more rappers to make a move from the region.

    Ghana Music.com: So you really feel like you have the entire Volta is behind you?
    Ayigbe Edem: Plus GH as a whole.

    Ghana Music.com: Talk to us about Mass Production. What is the idea behind it?
    Ayigbe Edem: An attempt to enter every home in Ghana with at least one song from the album. So we made sure every kind of groove loved by local Ghanaians and outsiders will be found on the album. That’s why we have several producers on the album. So far there’s been two singles out. ‘Too Much’ and ‘The Legacy’. ‘Too Much’ produced by Hammer and Sammie Blacc displays lyrical prowess as I transform popular TV commercial slogans with metaphors to win a females heart, with a great deal of humor. Reviews have been positive since the release. ‘The Legacy’ featuring Tinny on the other hand is actually a tribute to my mentor and producer who paved the way for a whole generation of producers since his inception in 1999. He has carved a niche in the industry with his special brand of hiphop music with the street credit as Ghana’s Dr Dre. ‘The Legacy’ however is designed to remind the industry of hammer’s existence. It was recorded January 2009 after the launch of my first album. Just before Kwaw Kese’s 'Ma Kwan' was recorded.

    Ghana Music.com: How'd exactly did you wind up meeting Hammer?
    Ayigbe Edem: Pure fate. I had followed his rise and bought all his works. I heard he was interested in the ewe language and was training a few of them. I moved fast and then finally I was introduced to him by Jay Foley who was studying production with him at the time, for a one on one audition. After the audition he couldn’t stop smiling and asked Jay Foley if I could stay behind. That’s when I knew that I had impressed him.

    Ghana Music.com: Are you cool with the new generation of rappers?
    Ayigbe Edem: I am a new generation rapper.

    Ghana Music.com: So can you say you are the front runner of the Last Two crew in terms of artistes?
    Ayigbe Edem: No! Because ‘The Last 2’ is not what people think it is. It is an idea of how a perfect soldier will look and sound like. So it’s not about who’s on top. The general loses interest in you once you become that perfect soldier then he’s on to the next one. I was supposed to leave after my first album but I volunteered to stay because I feel the general has given so much of his time and energy to others that I also decided to stick around and take care of him too. But now he has his eyes on some really talented artistes so I must say I’ll be leaving him to attend to them because I feel I’m a serious distraction to his grooming techniques.

    Ghana Music.com: What gadgets can't you live without?
    Ayigbe Edem: My android phone.

    Ghana Music.com: Before we go, which music websites do you always check out?
    Ayigbe Edem: Reverbnation.

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