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    Opanka says music is alive in Tema

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 25 May 2011 10:43| 1 Comments

    One doesn’t see many hip hop/hip life mix tapes coming out of Tema. The “Definition of T.E.M.A” mix tape is truly a unique project penned down Dadie Opanka.

    Dadie Opanka has his stamp on what is anticipated to be Ghana’s hottest hiplife/hip hop mix tape to ever hit the streets.

    Check out our full interview with the young man who runs the day to day operations of Tema.

    Read on as he discusses his vision for the industry, his funny lyrics, how content he is with Tema, his thoughts on the musicians as well.

    Ghana Music.com: Who's your favorite rapper?
    Opanka: Any good rapper is my favorite.

    Ghana Music.com: You only started rapping some years ago or?
    Opanka: Hell no, maybe some people heard of me some years ago but I started rapping and performing at fun fairs since I was a kid in primary.

    Ghana Music.com: Growing up, what kind of kid were you?
    Opanka: I was a kid who always kept it real, I always fear God and believe in myself, I never allow anybody to bring me down because of my high self esteem so I don’t know how fake feels because all my life I’ve been a real guy.

    Ghana Music.com: Who was the first person that told you that you should rap?
    Opanka: I don’t think somebody should tell me that other than my own instincts.

    Ghana Music.com: What made you want to take rap seriously?
    Opanka: Because everybody loved it and I felt like I could make people happy with my funny lines and even spread some good messages to my people even though it’s funny sometimes.

    Ghana Music.com: You have interesting lines in all your songs. Can you explain the lines?
    Opanka: Some of my lines may seem funny but they are all real, I try to bring people's mind to certain things which may be useful if taken serious and that’s what makes me unique.

    Ghana Music.com: Your single “Congratulations” is really connecting in a lot of different regions. What inspired that record?
    Opanka: That was just freestyle, I did it because I wanted to advertise my new name, a.k.a CONGRATULATION so it was just creativity.

    Ghana Music.com: Explain your rap style?
    Opanka: Am like a chameleon, I don’t have 1 rap style, my style comes in varieties because every beat comes with a different style.

    Ghana Music.com: Your debut mix tape has a pretty interesting title?
    Opanka: Yea the title is "DEFINITION OF T.E.M.A" Tell Everybody Music is Alive!.

    Ghana Music.com: Do you usually present your engineers with ideas or concepts for records first?
    Opanka: Yea I normally do that.

    Ghana Music.com: Which song off your mix tape means the most to you?
    Opanka: All my songs means most to me because they are all not the same and people love them.

    Ghana Music.com: Do you feel like Tema musicians are really running the game?
    Opanka: I don’t know about that but Tema musicians we are also doing our own thing!

    Ghana Music.com: Do you consider Tema your hometown?
    Opanka: Yea to be honest I do because that’s where I was given birth, spent most of my lifetime there.

    Ghana Music.com: Did any song in particular draw you into hip-hop?
    Opanka: As I said earlier on I love all good songs and therefore I do all kind of genres so in general I do music.

    Ghana Music.com: Now the mix tape is out, what is next?
    Opanka: The mixtape is out, now I will be doing both 'Obiaa Ne Ni Taste' video premiere and my birthday party on 18 June at the Barcadis Nite Club, followed by my new single next then I will release my debut album a month or two by God's grace. So I appreciate all my great Fans both young and old for supporting me and urge them to keep supporting hard because I got a whole lot for them.

    Ghana Music.com: Sign out
    Opanka: Rememember its DADIE OPANKA but you can call me CONGRATULATION or MICROPHONE ABUSER. Fans can follow me on Twitter -@opankagh and& Facebook - www.facebook.com/opanka.

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