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    Scientific embarks on Peace Project for Election 2012

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 10 January 2012 11:23| 0 Comments

    Scientific, a Liberian born-Ghanaian based HipHop/Rap musician, has told NEWS-ONE he would be embarking on a peace project to promote peace and tolerance for election 2012.

    He explained the concept in an exclusive interview:

    Why this project?
    Ghana is a peaceful country and I have been here for a lot of years and from my experience in Liberia, peace is the best thing that can happen to a country and we all must defend this peace we enjoy in Ghana.

    When you see wars on TV and in movies, you may not get the full feeling but I have been through it and I can tell you it is very dangerous and there are a lot of consequences involved. I just feel like doing a peace song just to educate people on the need for us to maintain the peace we have and for all of us to have the betterment of this country, no matter which party wins 2012.

    Is the peace of Ghana under threat?
    I was here the last election and it was a bit shaky and some of my family members and friends and family in Liberia who have seen war before really got scared of what was happening in Ghana and started calling and asking all sorts of questions.

    Some of them actually started praying for Ghana because they have been through it. Those of us here too were also very scared because we did not know where to go if something bad happened to Ghana. Ghana has been supportive of us and just from the 2008 experience, I believe peace is worth talking about because that was very scary.

    How would the project be like?
    I would shoot video, print stackers, embark on a national tour, and move round into the towns and cities. I do hiphop but I would get other local artistes on board to sing in the Ghanaian local dialects. I also have this Ivorian dude who has experienced the situation in his home country and he would also be bringing his experience on board. He would be singing in French.

    What are you into now?
    I just dropped a new single and I m shooting the video now. I launched my album in September last year and I am doing a tour with it now. I feel this peace project is really big and I would dedicate more time to it.

    Final message
    My fans should look out for a lot of good things coming out from me. They have showed me a lot of love and I wish them a great year. Definitely they should look out for great things from me this year.

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