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    R2Bees to revolutionize the game

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Saturday, 15 November 2008 14:53| 0 Comments

    Photo: Ghana Music.comR2Bees has entered the music industry with a unique sound. Founding members, Paedae and Mugeez are cousins who have lived together for long.

    Tema has always been a breeding ground for dope artists. From 2Ga to Chemphe to Gogomi now known as Mugeez to Sarkodie and more, Tema has always had a wide array of talent that can satisfy any type of Ghanaian music fan. Commercial and underground, Tema has them both. The latest group to throw their hat in the ring is R2Bees.

    The crew has already started making waves and if they keep this up, the sky is the limit with songs like “Yawa Girl” and “I Dey Mad”. With sing along rhymes and a whole nation devoted to them, it seems like it’s only a matter of time.

    Ghana Music.com recently caught up with Paedae da Pralem to discuss about their album, working with Kill Beat, and how R2Bees came about.R2Bees are now beginning a new chapter of their career as grown men with R2Bees Entertainment.  Their grown up look, swagger, and sound can be found on their forthcoming release, “Da Revolution”.

    Ghana Music.com got it snappin’ and poppin’ with Mugeez, Paedae, John and Gomiski whiles listening to the unreleased album (my favourite song was “Black Plantation”, I wonder what they meant by that title) as we discussed the growth of the group and more.

    R2Bees is more than comfortable in their own skin (got their own full furnished crib with the latest high tech gadgets, speak of PS3, Plasma TV, gym, they have); now let’s see if that sets a trend for others to follow in their footsteps or if you think you are fit to join R2Bees or have business deals for R2Bees, please call 233 24 311 8466.

    Ghana Music.com: The first R2Bees single, “Yawa Girl” dropped some months ago. Why is it taking so long to drop the whole album?
    R2Bees: First of all the album isn’t out yet, it’ll be launched on 17th December 2008 and “Yawa Gal”, a song which was just meant for the street is the reason we’re actively in this music business right now, the song did way too well underground and we couldn’t afford not to bring it to the mainstream.

    Ghana Music.com: Are you trying to appeal to a new audience or satisfy the fans you have already built up?
    R2Bees: You know obviously this music thing is all about your fan base, the more you get people to listen to you, the more you gain not only financially you become influential in some way to the youth who are our major targets, so like an epidemic, I urge you to spread the word.

    Ghana Music.com: So basically you all put joint efforts to bring different elements from each other to the table.
    R2Bees: Yeah, each and every one of us is unique in their own way, as in individual talents etc, so it’s more of everybody actually contributing with their solo talents to collectively make this dream a reality.

    Ghana Music.com: Where do you see the group in five years as a result?
    R2Bees: It’s said if what happens in one’s day to day life is a physical manifestation of your thoughts and dreams then it’s good to have a dream, so on that note I’d say in five years R2Bees will be the biggest thing that ever happened not to Ghana but to Africa.

    Ghana Music.com: So what is R2Bees up to right now?
    R2Bees: We in the studios right now, completing “DA REVOLUTION”.

    Ghana Music.com: The word “R2Bees” is tossed around a lot these days. What do you guys feel about it?
    R2Bees: We feel great, you know, I mean seriously not overwhelming but it feels wonderful, because to us it’s a legacy we’re fulfilling. One of my managers whom I’ve known from when I was 6-7 years old was asking me to pinch him the other day because he’s still in dreamland, we from a hood where we didn’t have role models, we from a hood where there’s less hope, we from a hood where nobody believes in you so you’re totally lost if u don’t believe in yourself, that’s why I keep saying we’re diamonds mined from dust.

    Ghana Music.com: On that note, what’s the meaning behind Refuse 2 be broke?
    R2Bees: I believe it explains itself, WE SIMPLY REFUSE 2 BE BROKE.

    Ghana Music.com: How do you guys stay different from other Ghanaian musicians and even worldwide?
    R2Bees: To us hiplife is dead because we for sure don’t want to be out with our 5th or 6th  album and still be broke. Which industry do u call this? A successful one? Hell no, the politics surrounding the business is terrible and most of the artists believe more in cheap popularity rather than actually making a career out of it, that’s why when artists here are interviewed, they’re always asked aside music what do u do? The general public’s perception itself undermines the integrity/credibility of the Industry, Why? because the structure is ‘wack’.

    Ghana Music.com: How did you guys meet, come together and form the group - R2Bees?
    R2Bees: We all family you get me, Mugeez is my cousin, and we’re fronting for the label, the next generation of r2bees is Under, Humble, Waddle, McKay, these are signed artist to the label, and apart from McKay who although is from my Hood haven’t known him from Childhood, But the rest I bottle-fed each and every one of them, So you see, ‘We Fam’.

    Ghana Music.com: Who are your musical influences?
    R2Bees: 2 Pac, Bob Marley, Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Sizzla, i’ll go on and on, but we’re massive fans of hip hop and dancehall.

    Ghana Music.com: In the studio, how do you come to a consensus on what to release or when a track is ready - is there ever a struggle?
    R2Bees: Naah, most at time, me and Mugeez because we finish the songs at home before we even get to the studios, so Kill Beats just kills the beat he has made, other times he does the beats, send them to us to listen and we do the song. Mugeez does most of the hooks and choruses, we call him Mr. Music Man…Boy has got so much talent it hurts.

    Ghana Music.com: You have your song “I Dey Mad” on the radio right now, what is it like working your way to the top in the music industry?
    R2Bees: Experience is the best teacher really, you know and we’re experienced in life enough to know that hard work pays regardless, because in everything you do, it being good or bad, with determination and hard work, you get results, so for us to be doing something this positive we vowed to put in our all, and u can see it’s paying off.

    Ghana Music.com: Do you have a most memorable performance??
    R2Bees: I should think it’s Tuga’s Birthday Party at Barcadis night Club in Tema, that night was off the hook, and our first major outdoor appearance was the Hits FM Homowo Beach Jam, the Energy we took up there was sensational.

    Ghana Music.com: Was it exciting at first to kind of go somewhere and be swamped by fans. How do you guys embrace that?
    R2Bees: It’s exciting to know that people are excited and moved by your work, and we’re the people’s people, so we interact perfectly with our fans.

    Ghana Music.com: Best thing about R2Bees?
    R2Bees: We could have lost guard dreaming in another way, but we chose the right path, That’s why we’re smiling on this day.

    Ghana Music.com: I heard you’re executively producing the album? Do you have a name for it?
    R2Bees: Yeah it’s entitled “DA REVOLUTION”.

    Ghana Music.com: What do you pay more attention to: performing, sales or studio?
    R2Bees: Right now, its studio.

    Ghana Music.com: Paedae have you ever considered anything other than music?
    R2Bees: Yeah am blessed with a versatile talent, like anything I wanna do, with determination and a little hard work am able to do it, thought of football, acting, etc, I can only do a job that can be categorized under entertainment, because I love entertainment and a wise one once told me, in any business you try to invest in it. Let your passion for the work outweigh the profits because you could lose everything thinking about profits if you don’t love the work.

    Ghana Music.com: Do you have any artists in mind for future collaborations?
    R2Bees: We already done this massive hit with Samini, and we working on putting 9ice on a Track, the boy is on fire. Otherwise, wait till album is Out, you see who’s in.

    Ghana Music.com: You do a lot of your own production but do you plan on producing for any other artists?
    R2Bees: Yes of course, to all the artistes out there, who believe they have the talent, product and skill that’s marketable not only in Ghana but across our shores then holla at your boi.

    Ghana Music.com: Outside of the industry, who is Paedae?
    R2Bees: Am just an average man living his dream, I mean someone who could barely afford a decent meal 5-6 years ago is out here grinding now, hahaha, the sky can’t even be my Limit.

    Ghana Music.com: How does R2bees plan on leaving their mark in the industry?
    R2Bees: They Came, They saw and Obviously Conquered…..Amen.


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