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    Hope for helpless children - As Becca tours to raise funds to rescue them

    by Regina Ani-Awukubea, The Statesman
    posted Monday, 15 September 2008 15:18| 0 Comments

    Photo: Ghana Music.comVulnerable children in the country will soon breathe a sigh of relief as a comprehensive package is in the offing to put some smiles on their faces.

    One of Ghana’s most popular artistes, Rebecca Acheampong, popularly known as Becca in showbiz, is to embark on a world wide tour to raise funds for the alleviation of whatever pains they are going through. The tour is to be launched in December this year in Accra.

    In an exclusive interview with The Saturday Statesman, Becca’s Producer, Kiki Banson, intimated that his client was going to collaborate with Kisha White, a UK-based popular artiste, to compose a song entitled, “I Believe.”

    The song, according to Kiki, would be used as a ringing tone on one of the mobile telephony networks, and so as customers   download the tone theyHe said a very popular and competent accounting firm (the name of which he declined to mention) would be the Trustee for the fund and that all disbursements would be handled by it (firm).

    Asked to elaborate on how the vulnerable children were going to benefit from the package, Kiki Banson said part of the money would go into renovations at the Children’s Hospital in Accra, Children’s Ward at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and other areas.

    He added that a company had agreed to provide television sets and air conditioners to complement the efforts of Becca and her compatriots.

    Apart from these, Kiki maintained also that they were deeply touched by reports that some mothers and their new-born babies get detained at some hospitals because of their inability to settle their hospital bills. “We are going to assist women who are often detained at the hospitals for non-settlement of bills.

    However, the money is not going to be put into their hands. It will be paid into the National Health Insurance Scheme on their behalf so that the money can be used to assist them”, he told this paper.

    On whether these are the only things the project, which Rebecca Acheampong has named, Becca Rescue Tour, seeks to do, Banson asserted that street children, children in the orphanages, the physically challenged, among others, would in due course be taken care of. “There is great hope for all helpless children, but things have to be done systematically”, he posited.

    In a separate interview, Becca affirmed, “This project is my solely mine and that is why I have named it Becca Rescue Tour. My major target is to uplift the unprivileged and the vulnerable children - those with chronic and mental illnesses. By so doing I will be giving back to society out of what it has turn me into.” She continued, “Children are dear to my heart.”

    She eventually told this paper a little about herself and her career. Following are excerpts of the chat.

    Can you tell us a little about yourself?
    I’m a 100% Ghanaian, born on 15 August 1984. I come from Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. Both my Mum and Dad are from Kumasi. I attended Morning Star Primary and Junior High school and Wesley Girls High School From there I went to Croydon College in London to study Diploma in Child Care Education; after which I came back to Ghana.

    How did you come into the music industry?
    As a matter of fact, I like singing a lot. I sing in church, in school and during musical shows. A few days after my arrival in Ghana, I heard there was a musical show some where in Accra and I decided to go there and see what was happening because I have a passion for music. As the show went on my current producer, Kiki Banson approached me and told me I could be a very good singer some day so he took me to the studio and soon I came out with my single track “You Lie to Me”, featuring Kwabena Kwabena; followed by my own album “Sugar” with 12 tracks, and I’m now working on my new album.

    What is the title of this new album?
    I haven’t finished yet. I’m still working on it but I will release the single track entitled, “Fire”, featuring Samini, in some few days’ time.

    And did the first album do well on the market?
    Yes it did very well and the demand was also very hig

    So far what are some of the challenges you have faced?

    For my first time it wasn’t easy at all. People think music is just going to the studio to sing, but I tell you it is very difficult. It takes a hard worker and a committed person to do it. Almost every day I had to wake up at dawn to exercise then to the studio and closed around 12pm. At times I got tired and wanted to draw back but on a second thought I was convinced that that was my future.

    What do you think are some of the challenges in the industry?
    Musicians need to be educated because music is not only singing. My second problem is how musicians go about their performances during entertainment shows. We are in the modern system so it is high time we changed this art of miming to live band performances. I always go out with my live band in every show that I am invited to because I don’t believe in miming, I believe in the originality of work. Miming is not music.

    How has music changed your life?
    It has made me a reserved person. I receive VIP treatment and favours.

    How many awards have you received so far?
    I have received two awards so far. I won the Record of the Year 2007 in the Ghana Music Awards and Discovery of the Year in ACRAG Awards. I’ve also been nominated in two categories in the Channel O and the Choral Awards which will take place in October and November respectively.

    As a young artiste, how do you feel about these awards?

    It’s a surprise to me.In actual fact, I wasn’t expecting this within this short time but all the same, I will not allow it to get into my head. I just want to thank God for letting me shine..

    Do you have anything else to discuss?
    No, but then I will like to advise the youth to believe and value whatever they have to do  and  do it wellI will also extend my appreciation to everyone who has made me what I am today especially, my family and my management team, EKB Records headed by Kiki Banson.


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