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    Read all about A. S. E. M’s “Tough Times Don’t Last (TTTDL)”

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    posted Friday, 20 December 2013 11:51| 0 Comments

    The highly-anticipated “Tough Times Don’t Last (TTDL)” from breakthrough hip hop artist Asem was released December 17 to e-tailers and retailers worldwide.

    This third studio album “Tough Times Don’t Last” from the man known as “Ghana’s godfather of hip hop” marks Asem’s first US release and the end of a personal journey. “I had stopped believing in myself,” Asem said in a statement from his Los Angeles residence. “After fame came, I endured a lot of betrayal and people turning their backs on me.  I learned others were just trying to use me to see how much they could take from me. I ended up having to spend another year rewriting the album.”

    “Tough Times Don’t Last (TTDL)” features the singles “Wasted,” “Crisis,” “TTDL (Intro),” and “Big Johnny,” the performer’s first US single released October 31. It also includes Asem’s tribute single to Nelson Mandela, “46664 (Madiba).”

    The album is on sale now through MTV,  iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Rdio, Xbox Music, Rhapsody, Sony Music Unlimited, and other online stores. It will also be available through Target, Best Buy and other big box retailers.

    Asem became a hip hop sensation in his native Ghana when his controversial “Give Me Blow” became the hottest song of 2008. Two albums and hundreds of thousands of sales later, Asem had earned the reputation as the “godfather of hip hop.” He’s won multiple awards including 2009’s Discovery of the Year and Best West African Music Video at the 2011 Nigeria Music Video Awards.

    Asem’s first US single “Big Johnny” was released at midnight on October 31 and is enjoying growing airplay in many US and European markets.

    Despite a hectic schedule and increasing time spent in Los Angeles, Asem continues to serve as his country’s World Bank Ambassador for education. His other projects continue as well, including The Asem Foundation, which works with the Accra Library Board to encourage childhood reading and increase the literacy rate.

    Asem will embark on a world tour in 2014.

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