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    Reviewing the "Reggiestration" album

    by Quame Jr., africanpromo.com
    posted Saturday, 01 May 2010 07:35| 0 Comments

    The “Reggiestration” album is the most anticipated album due to the background and status of the artiste in question, Reggie Rockstone. First of all I would like to touch on the album cover and it’s relevance to the message conveyed by the album. The album cover has a cocoa pod with the title of the album boldly inscribed across it.

    The Grandpapa has intimated that the cocoa pod represents the harvest. To him this album represents his due harvest after years of continuous sowing.

    The album is a double album with remixes of the old hits and a new breed of music emanating from a blend of the old and new.

    The album has a wide range of artiste spread across board which affords a lot of diversity due to the varying touch each artiste brings on. Artistes include 2face, Wyclef, Kwaw Kese, Quabena Maphia, Sena, Samini, D Black, Trigmatic, Kweku T and Delasi just to mention a few.

    The first track “GLAD” produced by M.A features 2face, Kwaw Kese and Wyclef and is a complete masterpiece. The song has a hip hop feel and the various artistes on it add to the excitement. The song regardless of its hip hop groove has a touch of authentic highlife. The actual sample is from a old highlife tune and is the most definitive hiplife song on the album.

    The second track “AH JAY” features Reggie which is one of my personal favorites on the album. The song which is produced by Quabena Maphia is a hip-hop track with a strong message which is cleverly carried across by the chorus of the song and the exceptional rapping prowess of the Godfather. The Twi chorus introduces the highlife feel to the song as the chorus is purely indigenous Ghanaian highlife.

    Track three on the album is what I call a legendary song. The song “WER AM PHROM” features Sena and is produced by M.A and is a complete tune due to the intensity and passionate feel with which Sena executes the chorus. Reggie Rockstone drives the track deeper into playlists for the next decade with his afro pop lyrics for the song.

    The song which describes the roots of Africa and recognizes the high points in our continent is in the running to be one of the all time favorites of the rap legend.

    Track four “FEMALE FRIEND” is a complete message and is through the collaborative efforts of Quabena Maphia and is produced by QC Funk. The song is a down beat afro-pop tune with a blend of English, Twi and Pidgin. This song is already receiving massive airplay and the video is on all the major networks in the country and has the potential of being the people’s favorite. I also think that it was a perfect track for his first single to reflect his maturity and act his age.

    “ESE WOARA”  is what defines versatility, talent and rare ingenuity. The song features Samini and samples another authentic Ghanaian highlife tune and from my guess the sample must come from the sixties (60s).

    The song is the climax of the album as it combines elements of dancehall, hip hop and samples of one of the longest standing high life tunes of all time. The dancehall background of Samini coupled with Reggie’s accent is what makes the fifth track outstanding. The track is the remix of an old time classic “ME KA AMA NA AHYE WO”.

    This track has the surprise element because you hardly know what you are about to hear next. The album has remixes, remixed so well you can hardly make out the original track if you heard it. In reviewing this album I discovered that the song “AH” with K.K. Fosu was actually a remix.

    “KIK KEEM” is produced by J. Town and is a complete dance song urging the DJ to play the track so it sounds “KIK KEEM”. This is a song that is made for the young and the young at heart. It also has a beat box running through it.

    “BLAME IT” features D Black and Efya and is my favorite on the album because of the message it carries and the manner in which the beats and lyrics executes the purpose of the song. The song which speaks against the use of drugs especially in women is the result of exceptional artistic exhibitions produced only by such a rare combination of artistes. Efya seems to be the perfect choice for the song as her vocal range consumes the variance of the tune.

    The message is clear and strong and the beat is down toned to ensure a total comprehension of the message of the song. The beat is produced by M.A.

    “DADDY” features Trigmatic and introduces an alien sort of beat into the construction of the album and makes the album a complete masterpiece that suffices all requirements. The upbeat tempo of the (live drums) coupled with the creativity of the beat maker is what makes this song a straight Grammy-award winner if it was to be in the States.

    The song is produced by Q.C. Funk. The lyrical content carries a message to the next generation should life end for a father. In this song Reggie displays his writing credentials as the message is straight and yet rhythmic.

    “NO MAN” features Trigmatic and Grey and is produced by Skont. This song also has a rare touch of afro- essence, hip hop and the melodious tunes emanating from the strings which saves it from the league of wack tracks on an album as has been the case on many albums.

    Surprise, Surprise, this is another remix which has snuck past you with stealth.

    “WOSO” is purely a tongue-in-cheek song with a pinch of so called Ghanaian profanity and features Kwaw Kese, Kweku T and Trigmatic and is produced by M.A. I suspect this is a deliberate attempt to catch the attention of the critics, nevertheless you cannot deny the head nodding beats that come with the grown people music and I can bet you by the time the song is over you will be hooked by the hook.

    Kweku T’s introduction to the song is a dint of fresh air as his unique way of executing the chorus saves the song from the sting of the critic’s claws.

    “SWEETY SWEETY” is the remix of the old time favorite hiplife classic and brings the old Reggie out right in the midst of redefining himself (very nostalgic). As the album comes to an end with this old time hit, the plaudits that the album deserves should be fully given the Grandpapa. The album is not flawless but cannot be far from perfect.

    The “REGGIESTRATION” album is the perfect album for Reggie Rockstone after being away for a while, at least the first CD of the double album suggests so and I wish him well.

    The industry needs him and his presence brings comfort to most industry lovers and followers. My suspicion is ripe with a simple logical conclusion that the reason for the remixes is to showcase to the younger generation who might have missed the musical revolution called hiplife in Ghana and to know who, how and when it was done. I can’t wait for the full package, Disc 1 and Disc 2. As he has already intimated “ABEN DADA……….” “REGGIESTRATION” – “GO REGGIE-STER”.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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