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    Biney fulfils his destiny with second album

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 01 April 2011 08:54| 2 Comments

    Many gospel musicians enter the music industry by instincts and through the desire to spread the message of Christ but for Alfred Biney, it was a matter of sheer destiny.

    Currently out with his second album, "Ma Me Ahobrase", the young man began singing as a chorister and worship leader at the International Central Gospel Church at Koforidua in the Eastern Region where he was born. “I got fully involved in the singing ministry after completing my Auto Engineering course at the Koforidua Technical School. I had then never thought of doing music on a professional basis”, he said.

    According to him, one Rev. Owusu Kyereko was praying with him and told him he (Alfred) was destined to do music, “and that was when I had the courage to release my first album titled "Mesom Wo”, he continued.

    "Mesom Wo" was released in 2006 but did not enjoy much patronage in Ghana mainly because the producers King Aaron and Johnny were based in Hamburg, Germany and promoted the album there. Though it received some airplay in Ghana, "Mesom Wo", became a hit among the Ghanaian community in Europe.

    The new album, which is due to be launched in July this year, has eight songs all programmed at Nacy’s studio.

    'Gye Onyame Di' is a fast-paced jama song with great arrangements. The voice of ace gospel diva Ohema Mercy who was featured, adds flavour to the song. It also has the magic touch of sound engineer Nacy’s voice in the background singing the chorus which admonishes Christians to have faith in God for He will answer every prayer.

    The title-track 'Ma Me Ahobrase', is another enjoyable song not only for its danceable reggae beats but for its prayerful lyrics which the singer uses to ask God to fill him with humility and peace.

    The deep voice of Alfred is powerfully felt in 'Nyame Kokroko', a mid-tempo worship song. This song is popularly sang in Pentecostal
    churches but the instrumentation and given it in this track makes it more inspirational and enjoyable.

    Other good songs on the album are Messiah, Mesom Wo, Ye Nsenkyreni, Awurade Beye and Hye Me Ma. Alfred Biney is married to Bernice Biney and has three children.

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