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    D-Black's Music, Love & Life album

    by Quame Junior
    posted Wednesday, 13 April 2011 17:46| 2 Comments

    D-Black latest album MUSIC, LOVE & LIFE, which is his first solo effort, is packed with great features and production and it is by far one of the most successful albums of all time.

    Release date: 25th September 2011

    Label: Black Avenue Muzik

    Distribution: Rockstar 4000 / Sony Music

    The album is one single album with a huge compilation of extreme talents globally. Features include: Wyclef Jean, Buffalo Souljah (Zimbabwe), 2 Face Idibia (Nigeria),  Dr. Cryme, Reggie Rockstone, Sante, X.O Senavoe, Ayigbe Edem, Tinny, Sarkodie, Kwaku-T, Guru, Iwan, Efya, Samini and Kwabena Kwabena (Ghana).

    D- Black seems to have a thing for unprecedented feats as the album is the first Pure English Hip hop Album to be released by a solo artist in Ghana ever, with his 2009 Group release “Target Practice” by D-Black and Kwaku-T being the first Hip Hop duo album release ever in Ghana.

    Also being the first English rapping Artist to be nominated in the History of the 12 year Old “Ghana Music Awards” in a “Twi” dominated music industry.

    The 20-track album, is an exceptional masterpiece which combines elements of hip hop, a strict message to the people and an exhibition of unexploited talent.

    Track 1 on the album is the automatic club banger and an instant hit. Get on the Dance floor features his partner in “crime” and “3D” team member; Dr. Cryme. The song produced by Dr. EL, a combination of afro-pop, and an underlying element of hip-hop is the perfect track for an introduction to the heavily packed album.

    The song is splendid in composition and delivery and Dr. Cryme’s introduction introduces an element of humour. This track is an automatic mover and get’s you on the dance floor immediately.

    Track 2 “Intoxicated” features upcoming Ghanaian lyricist, X.O Senavoe and is the perfect groove for all the believers of the movement and a strong word that good music lives and that truly hip-hop commenced in Africa. The song’s concept is centered around both guys stories of wooing a woman in different ways.  Lyrical content is explicitly strong and straight, with smooth punches from both artistes.

    “Still” is Track 3 on the album and features Sante; wonderful singer she is. This song is one of my favourites on the album and tells a heart-warming story of two ex-lovers.

    D Black goes solo on Tracks 4: “Chaskele”, 6: “One more drink”, 10: “One boss”, 12: “Pompidoe” and 20: “Believe” and displays his elegance and independence as a rapper. Chaskele , One More Drink , One Boss and Pompidoe were produced by Black Avenue Muzik ace producer ; Gafacci and 18 year old female producer Chantelle Myers knocking out the production on “Believe”.

    rack 5 features the controversial beat maker/songwriter Bra Kevin. “Yes Boss” is a dope hiphop  track which introduces a more flaunting side of the multi-award winning recording artiste. The hook is a catchy chant of “Yes Boss” which are the two words music fans associate D-Black with.

    Somebody is track 6 on the album and like many, is my favourite on the album. Kwabena Kwabena is introduced on the “Somebody” track, his presence spicing the song with a strong vocal dexterity and a blend of highlife on a heavy hip-hop beat produced by long-time friend “Jounide”. The song is a thought-provoking message to every individual preaching the message of self-esteem and introduces the social consciousness of the rapper.

    “Knock you awt” features Guru and Ayigbe Edem and introduces a complete contrast of style and complexity which drives the song home into the doldrums of a well executed piece. The songs touches on the sexual prowess of each of them from an odd angle. This is a must listen record, produced by Gafacci.

    “Plastic Smile” features Iwan and introduces yet another side of the “Breathe” hit maker. Iwan’s introduction pulls a different genre of followers who would have otherwise had nothing to do with a pure hip-hop lead.The song has a hint of reggae in its melody and talk about the “fakers” we’re faced with in every angle of life from haters, to corrupt politicians etc.

    Sammie Blacc makes his debut appearance on the album on the highlifish “Galanja”.

    “True Love” is an extra ordinary masterpiece, a love song with the difference and a well placed song on the album. Efya’s introduction to this album is what exhibits the showmanship and artistry of D Black as an entertainer. Efya is simply a genotype of contradicting genres and a complete monster at writing. Her’s is a world on its own and combined with the finesse of the rapper, the song is my all time favourite of D Black.

    Track 14 features Sarkodie and it’s a far warning to unbelievers of the movement. “Stick Up” is a strong message to everyone who has ever doubted the ability of hip-hop made in Ghana to transcend borders. It is a simple message.

    “Hustla muzik” it’s a total blend of artistry and finesse by two of the finest arts ever in Ghana with the introduction of Samini. It is one of those “hear-for-yourself and judge songs”.

    Words would wither if description is attempted. The perfect combination of hiphop and dancehall on one record.

    Co-member of the duo, Kwaku T makes a grand entry as the album crawls to a conclusion with global superstar Wyclef on the track “Wonderful World” produced by ace beat-maker “M.A”.

    The song is simply phenomenal, a true definition of hip-hop with a centralized theme of appreciation. Wyclef and Kwaku T seem to be the perfect complement of the mega hits maker, D Black on his debut solo album.

    “Fire Woman” features Buffalo Souljah from Zimbabwe, a relative new comer with a lot of guts and attitude as his lyrics suggests.

    As D Black signs off, there is no better way than to have the biggest endorsement by the initiator of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone on the pen ultimate track, “Asabone”. Reggie’s inclusion on the album sums it all up on Track 19. “Asabone” is a straight move to the dance floor song with a heavily endowed afro pop groove and an irresistible feeling and a heavy urge to dance.

    I suspect that this is a deliberate attempt to catch the attention of the critics, nevertheless you cannot deny the head nodding beats that come with the grown people music and I can bet you by the time the song is over you will be hooked by the hook.

    The album is an absolute masterpiece, a work with no spots of blemish regardless of the room for improvement. In simple words, it doesn’t really get better than this.

    My suspicion is ripe with a simple logical conclusion that D Black, came out with the Music, Love & Life album to make a clear statement that he is in to stay. His Twenty continental nominations in his two year career should sum it all up for you.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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