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    Steve Kelly's Revival Waves of Glory album

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 25 April 2012 19:16| 3 Comments

    Ghanaian born US base Award Winning International Gospel Recording Artist, Steve Kelly might be alien to most of his natives, but his gospel piece is not.

    For decades, he has been a pioneer in gap-bridging musicianship, uniting gospel, hiphop and R&B audiences.

    His rhythms have resulted in albums that have consistently make airwaves in Africa, Steve Kelly’s music has always been gospel music that makes ‘the gospel’ more appealing to those that may not have a religious affiliation.

    By keeping it current and fresh it appeals to many age groups and reaches ears that may not otherwise hear the positive message of the lyrics.

    On April 29, 2012 marked the day of the Release of his latest Album titled Revival Waves of Glory.

    Here are some of the standouts: “My Blessing”
To me, this is probably one of the BEST BREAK-UP SONGS EVER! Steve Kelly is a genius for the incredible writing on this song. An up tempo Hi-life rhythm with lyrics full of Joy, happiness and re-assurance of one’s blessing.

    “Worship” hmm I got chills anytime I listen to this song; it reminds me why I should worship the lord even in my days of pain. Its very inspirational
 “You So Good” One of my personal favorites on the album, this song gives me reason to praise God.

    “Everything” Very Contemporize up-tempo beat, is a song full of sweet lyrics about everyday life, my favorite line in the lyrics is “when I ask God for Wife He gives me marriage”.

    “The Moments” #1 and #2
Played, there are no words to describe the tracks but simply, “Wow”. These two songs by themselves could be taken and made into another album, or maybe even a movie.

    Steve Kelly truly delivers a great piece of work with Revival Waves of Glory. There are more stand-outs in this album and you would be doing yourself a huge favor by putting this album in your collection.

    It’s available now on Cd baby.com, ITunes and Amazon.com Click the link - http://origin.cdbaby.com/cd/stevekelly2

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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