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    Young, eager and inspiring Mike & Willie

    by Graphic Showbiz
    posted Thursday, 28 August 2008 20:54| 0 Comments

    Photo: Graphic ShowThere is nothing more inspiring about gospel music than being moved through the songs to get closer to God. The eight tracks on William Asamoah and Michael Adomako’s new Nkomhye album do just that.

    The two young men, recording under the name Willie and Mike, strongly uphold their faith in Jesus Christ in the songs and in the process infect listeners with their passion to worship Him as long as they live.

    Willie and Mike are Level 200 students at the University of Ghana, Legon but they find time to indulge their passion for music. Nkomhye, which was recently launched at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra, is their second album.

    The eight songs embrace mainly reggae and highlife but what stands out on all the songs is the vim to praise and worship God by the young men. Their message throughout the album is that there will definitely be tribulations and temptations in life but those are the moments to stand firm in God. They draw on knowledge of the Bible to aid their lyrics.

    Despite the empahsis on message, Willie and Mike exhibit their singing prowess whether doing solo pieces, singing in unison or engaging in call-and-response. The duo vary their ranges and try hard to bring attention to that aspect of God’s gift to them.

    William Asamoah and Michael Adomako started as evangelists on buses, in schools and anywhere they were moved to tell of salvation in Jesus Christ. They say the Lord has brought them far in spreading His word and the least they can do is to tell more of his greatness on the new album.

    They wrote and composed all the songs on Nkomhye which was engineered and mixed by Daniel Bassey of Bassey House of Music in Kumasi.

    Backing singers and instrumentalists are not credited on the album though they appear to have made some useful contribution to the work. Guitar playing on the title track and Onyame Aye Adea are very tasteful. There is also some beautiful backing vocals on most of the songs.

    Nkomhye is a work from the heart and deserves to be heard by all who love to derive some inspiration from the music they listen to.

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