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    OJ Blaq here to stay!!! The Biggy Boy Lover is more than Rick Ross

    by JIVE
    posted Wednesday, 04 November 2009 19:47| 0 Comments

    Named after the city, it is the only institution of higher education known to its inhabitants. Suncity University is the name that puts the conurbation on the educational map. An urban hip fashion is extremely palpable within the four corners of the uni- the guys belong to a jeans culture and the girls are of the “trouser” class.

    With quite a number of affable but grim lectures, student life is the type best describe as autonomous. Formation of “Gangs” is an open secret with their gossips habitually degenerating into scandals and confrontations.

    Marlon Tee is a popular name known to all students, be it continuing or a freshman. Marlon isn’t the “ladies man” type but occasionally reaches out to the female species. Whenever he does, it certainly has to a first year. The outspoken gossip king is a man of circumstances; usually ending up on the wrong side of luck. His inability to sweet-talk amidst pick-up lines accounts for all failed attempts rather than his stout stature. Marlon brings the “juice box” to the most famous gang on campus. Watch Chalewote by OJ Blaq feat. Asem & Captain Planet

    That was his character in the then highly rated series on Ghana television, Suncity. This is a television series with a university environment as the set and producers pick stories from activities and occurrences on various Ghanaian uni campuses. Not long after high school, the funky but crazy “Akora” was introduced to the movie world after Deltrac media had given him his first shot at professional acting. From the lowest paid, he rose to become one of the highest paid just after a month of shooting.

    Andy Alexander Nii Akrashie perfectly played that challenging character, Marlon Tee, winning several admires to the amazement of his critics. Just like a norm in GH, the show lost its shine and the character Marlon Tee began losing his appeal. Andy, known as “Gboon” to his high school peers return to the screens, this time with a new identity- his looks and trade had changed just like his personality. With a new name, he was set jack his lost shine.

    OJ Blak had arrived, a new school breed musician ready to stamp his footprints on the latest music genre, GH rap. Apart from his lyrics and stage antics, he looks the exact replica of the ex Miami correctional officer turned rapper, Rick Ross. His stature, lyrical delivery and designed beard are no different from the “hustler” Hip Hop artist. OJ is quite unique from several “commercial” cats and his lyrics depict real life experiences from urban slums to properly planned neighbourhoods.

    Unlike underground artists, OJ received oodles of attention from the very first week his first single was released. A second single brought quite a substantial airplay which ended OJ in the interviewee seats of several of the nation’s finest music inclined media houses, from radio to television. Within a matter of “moons”, he has rocked several show and shared the same stage with the most illustrious artists within his genre. To say a showstopper is rather an understatement, he continually brings the fun to this audience.

    He is done cooking his first ever album and scheduled to launch it in a grand style somewhere in the Accra. His first single, “Biggie Boy Lover” will be the title of the twelve track album. The song is a combination of a fantastic beats over passionate lyrics. In the track, OJ narrates how he is lovely received by ladies wherever he sets his foot. He is more of a crooner here and his flow is intertwined with love, affection and romance.

    Another track on the album is expected to create a buzz within the music world and set to bridge generational gap. “Charlewote” is a track chronicling certain actions of men whether the age might be. 4X4’s Captain Planet is featured on the track adding a different twist to it. It is a masterpiece set to be received perfectly by all music lovers.

    Looking very relaxed in his seat, the Biggie Boy lover revealed his motivation and the rational behind his codename. “I have lived as different characters growing up so I have an idea of how many people feel and approach issues. Though I never met him, my grandpa is said to be a great composer and his works highly valued. So I can say it is something innate. I am Biggie Boy Lover not because of my size but I am a real big boy, I mean big shot! I have the Big Boy status in what I am doing, from the screens into the studio!”

    OJ will deny speculations that he is walking in the fame of Lynx kingpin Asem, but rather clarifies his status as the first artist of Lynx. “Lynx is a team, family and we all form Lynx. I am the first artist of lynx but volunteered to become the PR just to see the label grow. Richie was very young at then and some of us had to do more just to see the foundation properly built. Asem came along and it was a success. Now I am switching to do what I have intended from the initial stages, this is music”.

    On his recognition as GH’s answer to Americas Rick Ross, OJ was very brief but brought out his great sense of humour. “This is GH and people will give priority to things perceived as foreign. I had this looks from the year 2000 when no one knew Rick Ross. Now he is famous, people say I am picking it from him and why not the other way round? That is cool with me but I assure everybody I am more than Rick Ross”.

    He entreats every music lover to grab his album when it hits stores in the second week of October. Till then the Biggie Boy Lover says he won’t disappoint just like he did in Suncity.


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