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    Paapa Wastik hits the world with roots-life reggae

    by Qausu AsaaseYaa
    posted Tuesday, 10 November 2009 18:40| 2 Comments

    Paapa Wastik is a conscious African roots-life reggae artist whose musical talent began around the tender age of five in his hometown of Cape Coast, Ghana where music is a predominant part of his culture.

    He grew up surrounded by a variety of music and as a child was often heard singing the popular songs of that era' on makeshift drums. With this passion for music he became a self-taught drummer, and began drumming in church.

    By elementary school he was already attending music concerts and participating in singing competitions which encouraged him to begin writing his own lyrics. In 1997, Paapa Wastik was spotted by MC Poncho of  "Music for Your Dancing Feet" fame, and given an honorable recognition of his talent, when he performed alongside Reggie Rockstone at the Panafest Beach party which was held at Brenu Beach near Cape Coast.

    This local notority earned him invites to regional youth entertainment talent shows, and sparked his interest in organizing music and talent shows around the Cape Coast municipalities such as "Obaa Sima 98".

    In secondary school he was well known for representing in inter-regional school talent shows and musical activities. In addition to talent shows he was frequently invited to several radio stations to "flow on rhythms", and to host programs with presenters.

    During his secondary school days at Mfantsipim School, he enthusiastically wanted to release his first album. But, due to academic responsibilities, he postponed his musical pursuits. It was during that time that his faith in RASTAFARI became stronger, so naturally his musical talent became fully devoted to delivering consciously uplifting and positive messages. Charged with the purpose of educating and healing humanity.

    By 2002 Paapa Wastik was featured on "Top Radio Street Carnival," which left the crowd with a lasting impression, as a result of his energetic stage performance. Within that year Paapa continued the efforts toward releasing his first album "Mama Africa", which was recorded with engineer John Dee at Hits Factory Studios, in Osu Accra.

    The release of this album pioneered a new genre of music called "Roots-Life Music", a fusion of reggae, soca, soul, highlife and African classical/traditional music. The year the album was released, it gained airplay on national radio stations. The hit track "Ntoma Kata Adieso" which came with a compelling music video that spoke as a vivid commentary of what Paapa Wastik saw as "corruption" in the society. Taking place in the form of corruption within certain African leaders, bribery, armed robbery, sodomy and immoral sexual practices. The video for "Ntoma kata adieso" was featured on Ghana national television and other West African networks.

    Also in 2003 Paapa Wastik was invited to perform at the annual "Panafest", an internationally acclaimed Pan-African Festival. Within the same year the international reggae production group "Greenlion Sounds" teamed up with Paapa Wastik to produce dubplate songs, which was featured on "Greenlion in Ghana" CD mix.

    Making progressive steps in his talent and music mission, Paapa Wastik brings his talent to the United States whereby he established an independent record label, Asaase Music Foundation.

    In 2006 Rommi Records joined forces with Paapa Wastik to work on the album “Thanks and Praise“. Which includes single hits "M'akoma mu Hemaa" and "Fire Burn Dem" which was recorded at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston Jamaica. With notable artists like Bongo Herman, Lutan Fyah, and Jah Marcus.

    In promotion of the album, Paapa Wastik shared the stage with Reggae legends like Abyssinians, The Itals, Lucky Dube, Everton Blender, Admiral Tibet, Junior Reid, Winston Jarret, Luciaono, Mickey General, Anthony B, The Marley Family and also hip-hop legend KRS1.

    In addition to promoting the album "Thanks & Praise", he founded the "Support the Needy Children Project" an international NGO. Aimed at supporting children in educational needs, with the support of books, school fees, desks, and other school supplies.

    Paapa Wastik was the headliner on the opening night of the "Northwest World Reggae Festival 2007" in Eugene, Oregon USA.

    He gave stellar performances at the "Lafayette Reggae & Cultural Festival" in Lafayette Louisiana, the "Victoria Ska Festival" in BC Canada; "Olympia Hemp Fest" in Olympia, Washington; and the "Arts, Roots and Culture Showcase" which he organized in Portland, Oregon.

    In late 2008 Paapa Wastik re-launched the Album "THANKS AND PRAISE" in Cape Coast, and in 2009 the single hit "Makoma Mu Hemaa" which was nominated for "Best Reggae song of the year" at the Ghana Music Awards.

    As of this summer, Paapa Wastik has been on the "Support the Needy Children Tour" raising funds for 'STNCP' and promoting his latest album " I-TROD", which features Jamaican reggae artist Jah Mason on the track "Unity For Africa", soon to be released in Ghana.

    In August he performed at "Reggae Rising Music Festival" in California along with Capleton, Luciano, Lutan Fyah, Norrisman, The Original Wailers, Tony Rebel, ASWAD, Freddie McGregor,Gentleman Queen Ifrica and many others. The following week he performed at the "NW World Music Festival" along with Junior Reid, Michael Rose, Chezidek, Tuff Lion, and Queen Omega in Oregon.

    This livicated Rastafarian DJ brings pure FIRE every time he touches the mic and is highly skilled in song writing, musicianship, and music production. Paapa Wastik has been inspired by musicians like: Charlie Chaplain, Bob Marley, Eva Edna Ogoli, Nana Kwame Ampadu, Pozo Hayze, Felix Owusu, Samuel Owusu,Daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi, Joseph Hill, Burning Spear, Lucky Dube, KK Kabobo,Gyadu Blay Ambulay, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Capleton, Sizzla and many others.

    According to Paapa Wastik,"music should empower, educate and encourage people in a positive way". In essence "that is what Roots-Life music is about". He states with confidence,"I know Roots-Life music shall soon be a very strong and positive force in Ghana". "As it is raising the Red Gold and Green Banner to the world". "Just like Hip- Life took over from high-life". "Roots-Life is on its way, because there are nuff' artist within the genre, like Ras Nii a.k.a. BlackAnt, Giddion General, Xylo, Jah Plant and others that are rising to speak to the world!"

    He also encourages current Ghanaian and African musicians in general to be creative and original in their craft. To make strong efforts in recording and performing with live instruments. As music is universal, "artist should put out material that can be heard and respected at home by our youth and elders, as well as worldwide". He wants to encourage artist to "respect the ways that the elder musicians paved", and not to "get caught up in money and so called fame".

    He also advises musicians to utalise the music industry to elevate the social conditions within their communities.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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