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    Obiba Sly Collins: 32 Years in the music game and still going strong

    by Razz Newspaper
    posted Tuesday, 02 June 2015 17:23| 0 Comments

    Well noted for his dedication to doing patriotic songs, Ghanaian musician, Obiba Sly Collins Nsiah, is all set to release his 5th album titled 'Voice of Reasons".

    The 11 track album, which has a majority of its message hinged on peace and love according to Sly will be Officially released across the country soon.

    In an interview with him, he revealed to Razz Newspaper that he has done patriotic and social related songs for the past 32 Years and he's not going to stop doing such songs till he sees a positive change in the society.

    "I am involved in patriotic songs because of what i have gone through in life and i want God to use me as an instrument and example , if we have 10 people in the society like Despite Osei Kwame, I am sure a lot will change," He Said.

    He added that, every youth can make it only if they are being advised properly, so he believes using music to help advise the youth is one of the powerful tools.

    'As a school dropout who has spent Over 20 years on the street, If I have made it through positive means, the youth of today have no reasons to complain that they cant make it, it is time we stop putting our hopes and lives in the hands of politicians because no politicians can help us" He advised.

    Speaking about what he has gone through in life and what has inspired him to continuously release a patriotic albums , he said that 37 years ago when his father, Kwaku Nsiah (Nana Akuoko) died, he was thrown out of his father's house by family members which made him run away to Nigeria in 1979.

    Giving details of the Nigerian experience, he said that , in Nigeria, he was sleeping under bridge till someone took him in.

    With 5 albums to his credit, he said that , he was fully motivated to start the music by Nigerian musicians when he was in Nigeria and was convinced to join various bands till he decided to form his own band.

    As businessman now with a film background, he is promising to shoot Official movies that will solely address the many societal problems affecting Ghanaians.

    He urges the youth to pay critical attention to the lyrics of his songs anytime they have the opportunity to listen to his songs.

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