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    Kaykay introduces Feel Good Music

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 04 November 2015 20:20| 0 Comments

    KayKay Amponsah (a.k.a Mr. Ampossible) is a musician/artist originally from Sunyani, a city in Ghana and is now based in the United States.

    His musical interest began with his first instrument, a flute, at a very early age.

    He later moved on to the keyboard and then drums and played for churches. He later taught himself how to play the guitar just for song composition. He began writing music at a very early age (8yrs) and was an influential member/leader of his school and church in music activities.

    He is a singer, producer, choir conductor and almost everything under the umbrella of music.

    He hosted a couple of radio shows back on campus I the university(UDS) and other radio stations in Sunyani. He won his first competitive competition in a rap battle in first year at the university. He later won a national song writing competition organized by CEGENSA of the University of Ghana. That song was later nominated in the developmental song of the year category, in the 2011 Ghana Music Awards.

    His showbiz name was KWABENA QUAKU during that time.

    Later on in 2011 he travelled to the United states and has sense then been out of Ghana music scene but continues to do good music in the states and with his real name kaykay amponsah, aka mr Ampossible which he coined from his last name and one of his favorite affirmation “ I am possible”.

    Since then The ampossible brand has grown to be respected and loved by many. His style of music, he calls the Ampossible music is a fusion of different genre of music. He tags it “feel good music, positive music, afro pop”. He draws his musical inspiration from the legends like Micheal Jackson and Bob Marley. He has recorded with great producers like Felix Weber, Prince Kesse and many more.

    He has a lot of projects yet to be released with the latest one called “live today” produced by Prince Kwame Kesse in the US, audio and video set to be released on the 22nd of Novemebr which also happens to be his birthday. He is currently working on two Ampossible Music with the best rapper alive in Ghana Okyeame Kwame. One of the songs, (Sampelepen) highlife produced by Kaywa and other, pop (beautiful yet terrible” produced by Enay of the baykers, both song are set to be release in the not so far future.

    Kaykay amponsah believes in good music and want to make a  positive impact in the society and the world at large with his Ampossible music, and also through his music showcase a positive Africa to the rest of the world.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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